Is Acer A Good Brand

Is Acer A Good Brand. Answer: Yes, Acer is the best brand if you want to buy a beautiful, slim, and budget range laptop that has innovative features and can meet all your needs or requirements.

But, in a budget price laptop, you have to give up some of its good features as the price gets lower. Also, Acer builds a vast variety of laptops that can be used for several purposes, say about for gaming, business, entertainment, or for personal use.

Acer A Famous Brand

Acer is a big name and has Taiwan-based hardware, like the ASUS brand, and an electronics corporation. Its headquarters are located in New Taipei City, name Xizhi. Acer company is popular for manufacturing laptops, smartphones, peripherals, tablets, storage devices, desktops or personal computers, and also servers.

Additionally, the Acer laptops are famous for their affordable product package. On the other hand, one of the most important reasons that people select Acer laptops on a budget range.

When you are going to do laptop shopping, you want to determine firstly, your preference, and then your requirement for a laptop? One of the most significant things in a laptop isn’t any other accessories, but it’s quality. A good-quality laptop in the budget range is one of the most fruitful investments. It has a well worth price.

Acer comes in the catalog of the top brand and it is also considered that Acer products are ideal. It is the best brand. If you are a student or businessperson and eligible to buy this, you must buy it for your work, it’s not so expensive.

You can make your presentations in class or can do some other work for your business. Manufacturers have made it solid. It is also a favorite brand and consumers love to use its products.

Is Acer A Good Brand

is acer a good brand

How long a laptop is going to fulfill your needs, just depends on the laptop. Because a laptop has a popular brand label, it doesn’t mean that this is better than other brands or that is the worst brand.

No, no brand is bad. Each brand has its value and is selected the best for its products and qualities.

Additionally, Acer is not one of the biggest brands, but it is a popular brand. It manufactures laptops that offer the same quality as provided by the big sharks in the electronic products industry.

Specifications Of Acer:

Brand NameAcer
Display Size15.6 inches
ProcessorIntel Core i7 and 7th Generation
RAM Memory8GB
Graphics ProcessorIntel HD Graphics 620
Storage1TB Hard Disk
ConnectivityWi-Fi supported
InputsFinger Print Sensor

Acer’s Positive Points:

Acer is good at the following points:

Customer Support:

Acer is quite good at itself and also for its customer in providing technical support. Acer’s phone agents provide swift help to their consumers.

They always get ready to deliver reliable aid to their consumers and it offers competent customer service.

Furthermore, it ensures that they are providing accurate knowledge data to their customers and also can fix or resolve the problems that they are facing from its products. It offers good customer support to its consumers.


Acer makes continuous efforts to be one of the best in the market or industry. It has produced some of its innovative laptops with beautiful and sophisticated design, impressive performance, and also innovative features. Besides, Acer has manufactured the Swift 7, which is the slimmest and thinnest laptop ever.


Acer has something excellent for everyone. With this company, you can easily find a laptop that can meet all your needs within your budget.

Furthermore, Acer has a vast variety of smartphones, gaming electronic machines, and personal laptops, and also heavy-duty professional laptops or business laptops.

Acer’s Negative Points:

Acer may have its strengths, and also some of the flaws, these all described here:

Dull Designs:

Acer has many incredible features but some of its laptops have not stylish design and could be redesign. They need redesigning options because of their unimpressive and dull looks.

Mixed Quality:

Since Acer is a budget range and an affordable brand, it’s affordable laptops have mixed quality, some are of good quality but some are just normal, and this is one of the major weakness of Acer.

Components Of Acer’s Products:

The components of its laptops are not so different if we compared them with components of other laptop brands. As the prices of the laptops rising higher, you can see the laptops with highly adorable features such as expensive laptops have the feature of quad-core processors, whereas inexpensive laptops usually come with the feature of dual-core processors.

Even though dual-core processors play a vital role and show excellent performance, but laptops with quad-core processors are best than them.

Moreover, the display screens of these laptops are considered the same. The Acer usually uses backlit LEDs. Almost all Acer laptops, either cheaper laptops or expensive laptops, both come with full HD displays that have the good color resolution, sharp image, and has better visual quality. Is Acer A Good Brand.



Acer makes continuous efforts to be one of the best in the market or the industry. It has produced some of its innovative laptops with beautiful and sophisticated design, impressive performance, and also innovative features.

Acer produces a good variety of several laptops that come with many innovative features. Its products show reliable, long-lasting performance.

Besides, Acer has manufactured the Swift 7, which is the slimmest and the thinnest laptop ever.

Some of Acers laptops have an eye-catching design and the laptop Acer Swift 7 was introduced, which has an extraordinarily pretty and beautiful design.

Although this laptop is slightly expensive, you will be well worth investing in it and will not regret it after buying it and go through its incredible features.

Furthermore, Acer also has launched a series of gaming laptops called Predator. These gaming machines are amazingly robust and quite suitable for heavy video gaming.

The Predator 21X is a gaming laptop, from the Predator series, that has a 21-inch display screen size, and it also offers the eye-tracking feature.


Most expensive Acer laptops have the same designs as the Acer Swift 7 because Acer Swift 7 is a work of art. Additionally, the Predator series have stunning looks that exhibit the main purpose of these gaming laptops.

The design of Acer laptops usually offers them a bulky look. Their look doesn’t let them too heavy, besides they have a similar weight as the weight of other Acer laptops. They are quite light in weight as they appear.

Furthermore, the best and unique thing about Acer is that it offers a good variety of colors for people who select their laptops devices, gaming machines, and other products, based on colors. In this way, they can select any color product according to your choice or preference.


Acer offers a good variety of laptops to people. It offers various features that can meet all the requirements of its consumers.

Acer laptops that include 2-in-1s, gaming laptops, Windows laptops, Chromebooks. According to the budget you have, you can easily look for an Acer laptop that is best for you and can fulfill all your preferences and needs.


The price is the main thing about Acer laptops that makes a large number of people to buy them. The portability due to lightweight, and also its affordability due to budget range price of Acer laptops, makes these laptops an ideal and favorite choice for people.

However, Acer also makes slightly expensive laptops that have robust features and also impressive components and deliver super performance.


Acer has been provided technical support to its customers over the years. But for some time now, Acer’s customers are complaining about some things that have changed.

Many customers have reported that they had received an inaccurate and wrong solution to their problems. Their inaccurate solution has made things worse for them.

Besides, many consumers are not satisfied as Acer has been treating lately to its customers, they complained that the technical support agents have reported for their slow response.

Several customers said that by upgrading these laptops we can fix the problem regarding their performance. It ensures better performance. If components in Acer laptops have some faults, you must send them back to the company for repair.

Another issue is sometimes the gaming machines go missing or sending you the wrong components in a place of fault component. In this way, it may be Acer’s downfall.



Acer has received many awards due to its good quality products and the effective performance of its laptops. Especially the Taiwan Excellence Award was announced in 2018 and CES Innovations Honoree Awards.

Furthermore, the Acer laptops have been awarded for their designs, including Swift 7, Aspire S 24, Predatory Triton 700,  and Holo 360, VGO, were awarded for their eye-catching designs.

The Acer Swift 7 also has been received the award of Taiwan Excellence Silver 2020. The good design was awarded in 2019, and also COMPUTEX d&i was awarded in 2019. Additionally, Predator Triton 900 also received the Taiwan Excellence award in 2020 and COMPUTEX d&i Award 2019.

Besides these awards, there is a huge number of customers who are not pleased with the consumers and Acer’s technical support.

Their disappointment may cost Acer a big amount of business. To prevent it from happening, Acer wants to address these problems and complaints.

However, disappointed customers also spread bad words. However, there are also those good customers that have been fortunate enough to have a good experience with Acer.

One question must be arising in your mind, Why the Acer’s laptop is using basically, for gaming, business, or for what? Acer’s laptop can be used for business, gaming purposes, and all other purposes. But it is specific for playing heavy-duty games. Is Acer A Good Brand.

Are Acer Laptops Good For Gaming?

Yes, the Acer laptops are good for gaming purposes. If you are a gamer, who wants to buy an affordable laptop that has excellent gaming specifications, then the Acer brand can be the best option for you. If you know all your needs, the Acer is the right option to select.

It has developed its gaming series, and these gaming series are made for gamers. The person who introduced this brand was medicare but now he is famous due to his achievement.

Additionally, Acer also has an affordable range of gaming laptops that are suitable for casual gaming purposes. The Predator series comes with highly top games, these laptops can compete against the Dell G, MSI, HP Omen, Alienware, Lenovo region, etc.

Razer, Samsung, and Apple are above then Acer. The Acer has made its reputation among other brands. Its name is sprung on the page of an affordable and favorite brand.

To evaluate any brand, you must determine its quality, products, value, and selection. Creative professional is eligible to earn top dollar workstations and are respected by others.

Acer is also a flagship in the social channel. It has high stock production and detachable components. You can use its products as an alternative to other brand products, it also gives a comeback to its competitor by launching its latest laptops.

The Predator series is on top above all series and has the most robust and impressive gaming machines. The Predators are further divided into the Triton range and the Helios.

Triton 500 is an ideal example of gaming laptops. Triton 500 is a package of beauty and brains. Similarly, the Predator Helios 300 is also another best gaming laptop with amazing specifications. You can buy it at half the cost of Triton 500.

Warranty and Coverage:

Acer products include a single warranty. For an additional warranty that is from one to three years, you have to expend some extra money. However, more high-end and most expensive Acer laptops come with accidental-damage protection.

For example, the Predator gaming laptops, these laptops mostly get two years of warranty while the regular laptops have a limited warranty of only one year.

If you want the extra warranty period, the extension of the one-year warranty, you may cost around $60, and for the additional two years of the warranty period, you may cost $90.

However, if you want for additional three years warranty, it may cost $189, but it may include accidental damage protection.

Furthermore, if you need to send Acer’s laptop for repair, you have to pay the expenses. However, Acer will be responsible for its return shipping. You can also select to buy the two-way shipping upgrade to prevent any hassle.

Acer’s Highly Ranked Laptops:

Acer’s best-selling and highly ranked laptops are here:

  • Acer Swift 7: This is best in design and it is one of the thinnest laptops in the world
  • Acer Aspire E 15: This is best for its reliability, durability, and value
  • Acer Predator Triton 500: This is the best and most robust gaming laptop made by Acer

Products Reviews:

Let’s move to the detailed review section of these products.

1. Acer Swift 3 SF315-41G-R6MP Laptop

 acer swift 3 sf315 41g r6mp laptop

The Acer X35 has a 21:9 ultra-wide format and instead of using a few dim zones with a backlight, it utilizes a full array local dimming solution which has a higher contrast ratio.

The more good contrast, the best the image quality. The panel includes HDR content and also SDR content.

So, while playing graphically oriented games, you can enjoy and have an excellent viewing experience because it also enhances the gaming actions of a video game.

This monitor has wide view angles and an IPS panel. The refresh rate is 60z. The response time is short and quick. It is 4ms. It provides perfect picture quality, excellent color resolution, and good pixels.

It smoothly performs its functions. It has two stereo speakers that have powerful and strong sound. Think for a while, what is a gaming monitor that has no powerful sound?

It will be not a perfect and good monitor. So, we are providing you with the best gaming monitor with horrible sound which has a good and amazing viewing experience for you with its excellent gaming features.

Furthermore, you can play your favorite games all day without getting affected by harmful light rays.

This monitor has the Flicker-free sync technology that protects your eyes from harmful light rays and you do not get any kind of eye strain or eye fatigue.

This is an excellent feature of this monitor. One more important thing is, it is an energy star-certified product that keeps safe you and your environment.

The Eco-Display technology utilizes a mercury-free white LED backlight and also reduces the consumption of power by more than 68 percent.

Hence, it is also an excellent feature of this monitor. Shortly, you can say this monitor has abundant features in it and is best for gaming purposes. This monitor has three years warranty. Is Acer A Good Brand.


  • Ultra-wide display
  • Sharp image
  • Excellent wide angles
  • G-sync technology
  • QHD color resolution
  • High pixel density
  • Smooth performance
  • Plenty of gaming features
  • Ergonomic design


  • Expensive

2. Acer Swift 15.6″ 7 2700U laptop

acer swift 15.6 7 2700u laptop

This gaming laptop has 15.6 inches full HD display screen. It has an IPS panel. The SSD storage is 256 GB. The operating system is Windows 10.

This laptop is highly efficient in its performance and has a simple and unique design. This laptop is best for graphics and has eye-care technology.

The AMD Free Sync technology protects your eyes from harmful blue lights and protects your retinal health. It doesn’t let your eye strain.

This gaming laptop is excellent in its features and exhibits a high-quality gaming experience. You can play and enjoy games all day.


  • 6 inches full HD display screen
  • IPS panel
  • 256 GB SSD
  • Highly efficient performance
  • AMD Free-Sync Technology
  • Bright display
  • Simple design
  • Best for graphics


  • None

3. Acer Gaming Monitor 28” KG281K

acer gaming monitor 28” kg281k

If you are looking for the best Full HD resolution monitor, look no further than the Acer gaming monitor 28 inches is best for you.

It makes use of its AMD Radeon technology to ensure that the game’s frame rate is determined by the graphics card and not the fixed refresh rate of the monitor.

To ensure users have a very comfortable experience, there is the ComfyView feature which ultimately provides a flicker-less, low-dimming display to enhance your viewing experience.

Other than that there is also an advanced liquid crystal formula that merges with IPS technology to grant the most vibrant color performance which is consistent no matter what your viewing angle may be.

Thanks to a refresh rate of about 75Hz you can easily speed up the frames per second so there are extremely smooth 2D motion scenes this also reduces input lag, gets faster frame rates, and ensures users get the best in-game experience. Is Acer A Good Brand.


  • AMD Radeon technology
  • Wide viewing angles
  • Advanced liquid crystal formula
  • Flicker-less technology
  • 75 Hz refresh rate
  • Lower input lag


  • Expensive

Why You Should Choose Acer?

If you are going to look for a wider selection and more variety of laptops to buy the best Acer’s laptop for you. Acer offers a good range of laptops, it makes it convenient for the customers to select the product that can meet all their choices, needs, preferences, or requirements.

Additionally, Acer offers a wide range of colors. So, if you want to purchase the laptop of your color choice, it will be easy to choose a laptop of your color choice from the Aer brand.

It makes laptops that have a sophisticated and unique design as well as products that have funky colors. Remember, Acer is the best brand for you.

Moreover, if you don’t think about the product’s design and think more about its performance, then Acer maybe your top and favorite choice. Despite their effective performance, some Acer laptops have bulky designs, no doubt, they are for daily use or are lightweight.

Acer produces cheap and budget range laptops. This is the main reason, why people choose the Acer brand for laptops and other products.

No doubt, its quite low budget laptops and provides excellent and incredible specifications. Its performance is without compromise in its quality.

Moreover, if you are buying a laptop for your children, Acer is the best option for you. If you are a student or a businessperson, it is perfectly suitable for you because it has robust and powerful features.

Our Final Verdict:

Is Acer A Good Brand. In our final verdict, we can say that Acer is overall a favorite and top brand that offers a good range of variety to its customers.

We give you the recommendation that the Acer laptops are solid and sturdy, even though some of their designs are not so impressive, but the performance is certain. Acers products are the masterpiece and according to the customer’s satisfaction.

Although, Acer is popular than its competitors. You must go for a brand that has good quality products. Acer provides the best and supreme quality products, with all the best components or parts.

In this article, we are going to discuss products produced by Acer and if it is well worth buying them.

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