Is ASUS A Good Brand

Is ASUS A Good Brand. Yes ASUS is a good brand. Yes, Asus is not just a good brand but also a reliable and satisfactory brand when it comes to laptop devices.

The reliability of ASUS is quite great, their product prices are quite affordable or under budget. Their warranty and support are extremely convenient.

ASUS provides great laptops in a wide range. These products are amazing in their features as well as in designing, development, and also in manufacturing.

ASUS is named in the list of top brands. If you have a look at the catalog of the best brand, you will find its favorite brand on social channels. People especially, love to play games on it.

From Chromebooks to affordable ASUS laptop devices, and even to some of the best Ultrabooks, ASUS covers a wide range of affordable prices and use cases.

ASUS is a perfect reliable brand. No one is the worst brand, each brand has its value due to its high-quality production.

But, each top-quality brand has an affordable or cheap product range that doesn’t meet the usual reputation of the brand but is quite good.

Is ASUS A Good Brand

is asus a good brand

Of course, Asus is among the list of best brands for laptops. It’s a good brand. Asus is reliable, cheap, and extremely affordable. The Asus brings a truly amazing innovation.

The latest design of ASUS company laptops continues to inspire its customers. Asus offers a variety of great laptops. Their laptop design is stylish, superb, and excellent.

But keep in mind the quality of a product also matters, and the Asus products come out like a beast. So, when you are going to buy an Asus laptop? You will get this at lower costs with the best technology.

Asus laptops are very quiet in operation and perform all the functions better than other laptops. Besides, there is no problem with heating in ASUS laptops, as Asus well knows how to deal with this issue and it doesn’t let overheating its products.

The other companies such as HP, MSI, Dell, Lenovo, Acer, also give powerful performance but ASUS is incredible in playing games.

Creative professionals and manufacturers make it solid, perfect, and according to clients’ satisfaction. Its parts are solid and the products show amazing performance that is a comeback to its competence in the market.

It has a top dollar workstation and also provides detachable accessories with monitors and other items. ASUS machines are a masterpiece that has their specific reputation and its makers have their respect.

There are also many brands such as Razer, Samsung, Alienware, Apple, but ASUS is the best brand for its consumers among all brands. Keep in mind, no one is the worst brand, each brand has its value and importance.

History Of ASUS Brand

ASUS is a brand that has multinational computer hardware computer electronic devices company and “Taiwan based”.  It was established or founded in 1989.

ASUS is one of the best companies in the world that has dedicated smart life products for todays and tomorrows. It has marketed the motherboard as well as a top-three consumer notebook vendor.

It also markets gaming laptops and business laptops, monitors, and mobile phones. Each brand has its value and criteria. Every year, a lot of games are released. ASUS monitor or laptops are best to play video games with good experience.

ASUS is well known in North America. In 2007, it revolutionized the PC industry. Today, the ASUS company is marketing the latest mobile phone trends.

It is a rapidly developing company. In recent time, ASUS has introduced a smart home robot, named  Zenbo, that provides entertainment, assessment, and also companionship to your loved ones.

In 2016,  ASUS was announced as one of the best-admired companies in the World. In past, Taiwan ranked ASUS a highly valuable brand among all international companies.

Now, the company has near to 17,000 employees.  If we talk about product quality and innovation, ASUS has earned US$13.3 billion and also has won 4,385 awards in 2016.

How To Evaluate Your Brand

All laptop brands are highly ranked on a 100-point scale. These points are further divided into five categories that are following

  • comments
  • Design,
  • Support And warranty,
  • innovation,
  • Value and Choice.



The most important factor of a brand is the quality of the product. You can use the rating provided to the laptop to determine the classification of the company.

Employers use the average notebook rating for every top brand and changed the rating to a 40-point scale. Then, awarded the Choice Editor a 0.75 point.

In this way, you can determine a brand’s position on a scale or how highly rising products of the company.

This category consist of 40 points and the remaining points are divided into the following categories.


Then comes the design of the product, laptop evaluation for the base, case, deck, side, and front panel.

It never happens that two laptops are the same, no two laptops are not the same, but every brand has a specific design language that they used in making their all product lines. This category has 15 points.

Support and Warranty

When you are going to buy a laptop device, you need to know that the manufacturer supports this product and solves all its technical problems of it.

All ratings in this category are primarily based on annual technical support exhibits that determine all businesspersons by using social channels, telephones, and the internet.

However, 2 points are awarded each year depending on the warranty of the company’s products and their quality. This category has a total of 20 points.



The laptop market is growing day by day. In this category, the points that the company earned entirely based on the brand’s ability to guide market development with a good introduction, introducing or developing the new technologies, the company also takes risks. Innovation has 10 points.

Value and Choice

This is the last category and in this category, a company earns points by offering a good variety of laptops that are under budget, business laptops, or gaming laptops.

Each brand is evaluated in this way and gets ranked on a scale.


ASUS has a vast variety of products. It has monitors, laptops, mobile phones, and many other items. Here are some specifications of the ASUS laptop.

Central Processing UnitQuad-Core 1.6GHz
Storage256GB HDD
Display Screen13.3 Inch FHD
Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows 10 Home

You can buy an ASUS laptop with these specifications under the budget range.

1. ASUS Components

Asus laptop device components are well worth the money, indeed. They are quite helpful. ASUS laptop components can control the task very easily and perform their work effectively.

Either it is a student, individual users, or a professional, all can trust on ASUS company. Most ASUS laptops have quad-core processors. There is no need to worry if you can’t afford it, you can get a quad-core processor. Is ASUS A Good Brand.

ASUS laptops have these components

  • Steam room cooling system
  • Intel Sky lake Processor
  • Nano-edge technology
  • Tablet screen
  • 8 cell battery
  • Solid-state drive
  • LED display
  • Sonic master audio

2. ASUS Laptop Design

asus laptop design

You can get good quality products within your budget. This brand’s designs are amazing, super, and eye-catching, no one can deny it.

When you look at the Asus laptop, you will amaze to see its unique and stylish designs. They always have the minimalistic appearance of a laptop. Asus laptops are thin, slim, and elegant.

3. ASUS Products

Asus offers a wide variety of will fulfill all your needs easily.  It offers monitors, displays, laptops, Chromebooks, mobile phones, and many other smart items.

You can try a gaming laptop. This is the main reason behind the high recommendation for ASUS. It can meet the needs of the players. Updating the products is well worth the wait.

ASUS laptops are always the best, superb and perfect. People love to experiment and explore. Chromebooks, 2-in-1 laptops, Windows laptops, and gaming laptops are examples of ASUS laptops.

4. ASUS Product Price

Asus models are available in cheap and expensive, all price ranges, depending on the budget. Your needs are always met, even you have a small budget.

The one positive point about Asus is, it does not permit bank confusion. As above mentioned, these devices have quad_core_processor that are low-cost.

So you can get a perfect and quite useful laptop at an affordable price. How much you pay, no matter but the performance of the laptop will improve dramatically.

Product prices start at low prices and rise continuously with luxury product-like prices. Their collection is vast and rich. Anyone can buy a laptop that can easily meet their needs.

When one is comparing ASUS products with products of other brands with the same features and characteristics, it is obvious that the prices are different. With the ASUS company, you can pay anytime.

5. ASUS Product Support

If you buy from ASUS, some products have a one-year warranty, while some product has a two-year warranty. It depends on the product or mainly its model. ASUS offers the option of a long battery warranty for all of its models.

ASUS warranty conditions are excellent and cover problems related to:

  • Natural disaster
  • From accidents
  • Third-party viruses
  • Defect of the manufacturer

One of its disadvantages is, the contacting customer support via the telephone or internet will minimize the quality of service. Once a Legend said that you must be able to talk to an engineer.

You must be prepared to fix the problem, in case you return your laptop. Either the person has lost his laptop or Asus was unable to track its location.

The best way is to send it by registered mail so you can receive that product. However, maintenance fees will be covered by the warranty and charged.

ASUS support is very good. All problems resolve very quickly, a few of them take several hours, so you have to register first.

Customers find their support quite useful. It works perfectly on older laptops as well. Warranties are quite flexible and tend to cover defects caused by a manufacturer or accident.

6. Innovation

Asus continues to inspire its consumers with the latest designs and models. ROG Zephyrus and Zen Book Pro both are good examples. Both designs have won innovative design awards.

Unlike most bulky gaming devices,  their gaming laptops have a very lightweight product and sophisticated design.

They know the way to surprise us with the latest and innovative products. Their stock has powerful performance. ASUS always has some places to entertain, enjoy, and learn.

7. Useful Features Or Advantages Of ASUS Laptop:

The ASUS laptops are useful and helpful both in business and also for playing games. ASUS laptop that has a gaming rig is equipped with powerful devices, bright and sharp display screen, and also a rugged body case.

The selection of games doesn’t matter, ASUS gaming laptops always deliver good service to their consumers. Its gaming laptops are elegant, thin, slim, and lightweight with powerful performance.

The speakers are solid and the sound is quite impressive. The speakers also play a vital role and provide incredible gaming features and a very impressive sound.

  • ASUS For Playing Games

asus for playing games

ASUS notebooks can meet all needs of players. These gaming laptops have powerful accessories. Every ASUS gaming laptop deliver a Full HD result.

The display screen is bright and the color resolution makes the game performance perfect. Moreover, ASUS laptops have an advanced cooling system. A player can play games for a long time, and it doesn’t overheat.

The casual and hardcore, both players love the Asus gaming laptops. These gaming machines keep a considerable balance between their price and quality.

Portability and affordability also matter, hence ASUS laptops deliver these features. Asus has the best gaming laptop that is stylish, thin, and lightweight. The name is ROG Zephyrus lineup, it is an excellent alternative to the big machines.

  • ASUS For Business Work

asus for business work

On the other hand, Asus laptops or notebooks can also meet all needs of a business person. They have laptops for students, owners of small businesses, and also for mediocre on different price ranges.

Business laptops are powerful, durable, and cheap as compared to gaming laptops which are too expensive.

ASUS also has laptops for heavy users such as engineering and construction. They are perfect and efficient in their work. With laptops from these companies, you can chat, share your data, and can work all day.

ASUS also offers business laptops, Chromebook displays, and other projectors. My recommendation to the businessman is to buy Chromebook displays, that are perfect for business.

However, these laptops deliver affordable options without compromising on the product’s quality and functions. It has fast and gorgeous displays. The best ASUS gaming laptops deliver competent customer service and are also a flagship of the leaderboards.

8. Reviews Of Products

Is ASUS A Good Brand. Here are also reviews of ASUS’ best monitors given in the following section along with their pros and cons. By reading these reviews, you can make better decisions about which one is best and under your budget.

1. ASUS Designo 27” 1440P Monitor (MZ27AQ)

asus designo 27” 1440p monitor

The Asus MZ27AQ  is the best monitor of the ASUS brand. The ASUS eye care technology makes it best for using monitors all day for work or other purposes.

This monitor has 27 inches display screen, IPS panel, and 178-degree wide-view angles.

The wide view angles don’t affect your eyes to move all around the screen but it makes it convenient for viewers to view the screen easily.

This monitor has a powerful, strong, and incredible sound system. The audio is excellent as it has 6W stereo speakers with subwoofers that sound too loud and horrible.

Moreover, the monitor also has the best multimedia connectivity. You can entertain yourself by watching your favorite movie or listening to your favorite sound.

This monitor is also ultra-slim and has a frameless design. Flicker-Free Technology is also available which makes it best among other monitors as it provides eye care. So, it is also the best monitor with its multiple features.


  • Sharp and bright display
  • Best color accuracy
  • Wide view angles
  • ASUS Eye Care technology
  • ASUS Sonic Master
  • Multimedia connectivity
  • 6W Stereo Speakers


  • Slightly expensive

2. ASUS VP28UQG 28″ 4K/UHD 3840×2160 Monitor

asus vp28uqg 28 4kuhd 3840x2160 monitor

The ASUS VP28UQG is good in its features of having a fast and quick response time of 1ms. It has a refresh rate of 60Hz. The brightness is 300:cd\ meter square.

The monitor has 28 inches display screen, and an IPS panel with an aspect ratio of 16:10. This is also best for gaming purposes.

The panel can evenly tilt. It has amazing video quality and is at an affordable price.

This monitor has ASUS GamePlus Technology that makes it best for game purposes and also, and it also has Flicker-Free Technology that helps to protect your eyes and a little more your retina.

Thus, these two technologies enhance their demand. It also has 8 ASUS splendid display modes. Furthermore, it has ASUS VividPixel image enhancement technology that makes the image and video of good quality.

However, the anti-reflective slab is also present. Now, you can say goodbye to your tears and work all day without getting neck pain or letting your eyes tired. This monitor also has AMD free sync technology that requires AMD free sync processor for its work. Is ASUS A Good Brand.


  • Good video quality
  • Free Sync Technology
  • ASUS GamePlus Technology
  • Flicker-Free Technology
  • Best for games
  • 2 HDMI ports and one display port
  • Tilt panel
  • Affordable


  • Odd color reproduction

3. ASUS ZenScreen MB16AC 15.6″ Monitor

asus zenscreen mb16ac 15.6

This monitor has 15.6 inches display screen and an IPS panel with wide-view angles that impact a highly good impression on viewers.

The screen is full HD and the image is of good quality. This monitor also offers special ASUS Eye Care Technology that filters harmful blue light and protects your eyes from eye fatigue and neck pain. The design is ultra-slim and quite stylish.

ASUS Flicker-Free Technology also prevents eye strain and headaches. This latest technology helps you to prevent eye tears and eye strain and you can work in front of a screen for a long time.

There are also USB Type-C and Type-A that have fast connectivity. The refresh rate is 60Hz. The screen can also be orientated automatically.

Furthermore, the best thing about ASUS ZenScreen MB16AC 15.6″ Monitor is that this is the only monitor that has a hybrid signal solution and this feature is quite innovative.

It uses an installed driver to support USB Type-A with full compatibility. This feature makes this monitor somehow different from all other monitors.


  • USB Type-C and Type-A
  • ASUS Eye Care Technology
  • ASUS DisplayWidget
  • Automatic Screen Orientation
  • Ultra Slim Portable Design
  • Hybrid Signal Solution
  • ASUS Flicker-Free Technology


  • Expensive

4. 2020 ASUS VivoBook 15 15.6 Inch Laptop

2020 asus vivobook 15 15.6 inch laptop

This ASUS VivoBook 15 Monitor laptop has 15.6 inches Full HD display screen. This laptop is lightweight and easy to carry.

It has a slim and thin body. The storage of SSD has a 256 GB capacity. The RAM has 8 GB of storage. This is best for graphics.

The operating system is Windows 10. You can play a game for a long time and prevent tearing.

This laptop has a decent and sophisticated design. It is comfortable and easy to use.

This laptop has a wide display screen with wide viewing angles. A player can play games for a long time, it has a good cooling system.

It has a powerful processing system and doesn’t let it overhot while playing games. A player can have a good gaming experience on this ASUS laptop. Hence, this is also the best laptop in the ASUS brand. Is ASUS A Good Brand.


  • 15.6 inches display
  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Good for graphics
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 256 SSD
  • ASUS eye care technology
  • Window 10


  • None


Is ASUS A Good Brand. As you know, ASUS is one of the best brands among all brands. Its products are idle. Innovative features, powerful performance, and stylish designs like ErgoLyft Loop and Screenpad are brilliant.

Their design is luxurious and great. It has an affordable price range of products and a normal person is eligible to buy ASUS products.

You can search on the internet about the ASUS brand but they will not provide you proper information about it, as I provided you in my article.

I am sure, my article satisfies you with this company or brand. Briefly, you can say ASUS is a big name among top brands. Its products are of good quality and all production is reliable.

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