Is Fabuloso a Disinfectant

Is Fabuloso a Disinfectant. It is 2022 right now, as the time is moving ahead we are witnessing increasing demand for cleansers and detergents its because people are not aware of what is going around them on their home’s floor and even on there and top of that the entire world is engulfed in with a global pandemic of pandemic called Covid.

You never know what’s up comes ahead of this pandemic because according to some analysts present era is biological wars, wars in which countries create viruses artificially to harm the people of the country they have diplomatic bad relations with.

Even if you disagree with the theory of biological wars still there is plenty of room to believe that our homes, offices, and worshiping places are now under the threat of many different types of bacteria and viruses.

Because too much production in factories causes too much of waste of materials and chemicals that often ends up becoming a cause of new viruses and an invitation to bacteria which makes it necessary for you to make maximum use of disinfectants to keep yourself from all sort of bacteria and viruses.

In this article we will be discussing one of the disinfectants Fabuloso because there are many queries regarding it being used as disinfectant.

Is Fabuloso a Disinfectant

is fabuloso a disinfectant

One of the questions related to fabuloso often is on rounds of people “Is fabuloso is disinfectant?”.Before we proceed with answering this question we must discuss a few details about this cleaning agent.

What is the actual purpose of fabulso that it is known for?

The actual purpose of fabuloso is to clean the floors of your house and to wash your clothes, these two purposes are what fabulous is well known and used for.

Fabuloso is product of which company?

Fabuloso is product of well known company all over the world, Colgate-Palmolive.

Colgate-Palmolive is known for what?

Colgate-Palmolive is known to make items like toothpaste, mouthwash, toothbrushes and deodrants etc.

Is fabuloso available at reasonable price?

Yes, the company that makes this product is known to make products of top notch quality and that also at reasonable prices, definitely fabulous Is one of those products that not only clean the your home’s tiled surfaces and wash dirty cloths but also it can be used as disinfectant to keep you from all sort of bacteria and viruses.

Is fabuloso a disinfectant?

One of the most common questions that is on trend today is that “Is faabuloso a disinfectant?”  and you know why this question is very common nowadays, its because they know that fabuloso is one of the best cleaner and detergent all over the world, so they do want to make most of it by disinfecting the viruses and bacteria as well in order to save more money.

Antimicrobial Testing Methods

Environmental Protection Agency have tested fabuloso with antimicrobial testing methods that fabuloso has got the potential to kill 99.99 percent of germs.

Now you can ask why not 100%? Its because manufacturers are not guaranteed that the buyer would use the product according to given instructions written on packaging of products.

What makes fabuloso stand out from other?

Question arises that what makes fabuloso stand out from rest of the cleanser, that can motivate you to give preference to it over the other cleaners available in market.

Lets not forget every cleansing product is tested with antimicrobial methods by Environmental Protection Agency and they have been proven disinfectant, so what makes fabuloso stand out from other cleaners to use as disinfectant?

Following two points makes fabuloso stand out from other cleaners.

Pleasant Smell

pleasant smell

Human by natural loves pleasant smell, fabuloso comes with a number of scents that gives awesome smell to the users additionally with disinfecting the bacteria and viruses.

Reasonable price

Fabuloso is available in market at very reasonable price. At reasonable price you do not only get cleaner and detergent but also disinfectant that keeps you from potential harm of bacteria and viruses.

If we combine above two points then you have every reason to buy fabuloso.  In reasonable price you do not only get cleanser, detergent and disinfectant, you also get something pleasant to smell that gives you good feeling .

How to make use of fabuloso

Since it is too powerful enough to destroy the surface it would be best for you to make it less less powerful by adding some water in it. If you want to maximize its germs-killing effects then you have to add hot water in the fabuloso.

Once the mixture is made now put that mixture on top of mob and start cleaning it to get the desired result.


Is fabuloso a complete disinfectant?

Yes it is complete disinfectant like other cleansers.

How do you use fabuloso as a disinfectant?

Simply by diluting the fabuloso by hot water, putting that mixture on top of mop to clean the floor and if its is on door knobs then put that mixture on a cloth to clean the knob.

How To Use Fabuloso?


Is Fabuloso a Disinfectant. In this article you have learned that fabuloso is effective disinfectant. You have learned what make it stand out that make you to buy it.

Its not only reasonable price that attracts you but also pleasant smell and of course its disinfecting potentials along with cleaning potentials.

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