Is Haier A Good Laptop Brand

Is Haier A Good Laptop Brand. Answer: Answer: yes, Haier is well known as one of the best brands of laptops that provide all-electric accessories, parts, or instruments.

These laptop machines are the 4rth  phase of the laptop scheme announced by the Prime Minister. The best specification of this favorite brand laptop is Haier laptop Y11C. It is incredible in its features as it provides a sharp touch screen and an excellent keyboard.

It is perfect and also one of the top laptops that is available in the market nowadays. I am also a student and got it from Prime Minister and it is doing a great job in the recent three years.

Haier laptop Y11C has also been distributed among the students of Post Graduate, graduate, Undergraduate, and also to the Ph.D. level, by a laptop scheme named as Prime Minister Laptop Schemes. Students love their adorable features.

Is Haier A Good Laptop Brand

is haier a good laptop brand

The strategic management can also be announced to determine the main purpose of this organization and also the purpose to achieve it.

There is also corporate-level strategy, another type of strategy, it means to make a proper decision that leads brands or companies to different from one business site to another.

Haier World’s Number One Brand:

The Haier brand is also a Group Corporation. It is one of the famous Chinese consumer electronics company that has multinational home appliances in Shandong, the city of China. Its design develops, creates, manufactures, and sells many products that include air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, microwave ovenstelevisions, and personal computers.

The business of home appliances business of Haier is spread widely in the World and has near about 7 Global brands. No brand is the worst brand, instead, Haier’s product can be used as an alternative to other branded products. It is rising higher day by day. Its home appliances are the comeback to its competitors.

The Haier is a big name, a mediocre also has heard about it. Its parts are excellent.  Its name sprung in the catalog of the World’s top brand.

Every brand has its criteria but the Haier has ranked higher than all other brands such as Razer, Samsung, Alienware, Apple, Microsoft, ASUS, HP, MSI, Dell, Lenovo, Acer.

It has earned many top dollars workstations due to home appliances and the washing machine is a masterpiece of its products. Creative professionals, students, and business people did a good job on this laptop. It is respected by its customers as it provides good quality products according to customers’ satisfaction.

The data released by Euromonitor told that Haier is the number one brand in the World due to grat stock production of home appliances from 2009 to 2018. In these consecutive ten years, this company has earned high dollars workstations and has made its reputation among the top brand. It is also considered ideal due to product reliability.

Haier A Top and Successful Brand:

The credit goes to OEM Management, it has enhanced its strength and makes it strong to offer competent customer services to its consumers. It can overcome all threats and can catch more opportunities for future progress.

By practicing the remaining strategies under the Ansoff Matrix, it also offered the Haier brand to get more competitive advantages in the local market as well as in an international market.  By doing this, the Haier brand can earn much profit and become more well-known and also a popular premium goods brand in the world

Technology Of Haier:

Haier has introduced its smart home appliances over seven product lines in the appliance industry: water, air, clothes care, voice control, health, security, and information.

Haier is a flagship or in other words a leader in the home appliances market of Pakistan. It has an overall 32% market share.

It leads in usually major home appliance catalogs that include air conditioners, refrigerators and washing machines, etc. Now, it is the only brand in Pakistan that is producing locally assembles laptops with adorable features.

Haier’s building facility is located in Pakistan, City Lahore, in the Haier industrial park. It has 63 acres with a constructed area of 1,000,000 square feet.

Pakistan’s product of Haier portfolio has spread rapidly from the washing machines, commercial air conditioners, refrigerator, laptops, microwave ovens, and domestic products that includes many hundred items of home appliances.

Haier also has an aggressively implementing policy to take your product at your doorstep for its customers. It has strong sales on its stock and social channel of distribution of its high-quality goods that comprises approximately 3,000 dealers and sales shops by covering the breadth width and length of our country, Pakistan.

The product of the Haier brand also has its support and warranty. It has its value and selection. The Haier’s outlet is maintained by well trained and expert technicians.

Products Of Haier’s

It is famous due to its high-quality household electronics. Some of the household electronics of Haier are named followed;

  • Washing Machine
  • Refrigerator
  • Freezer
  • LEDs
  • TVs
  • Hob
  • Hoods
  • Ovens
  • Air conditioners
  • Laptop

Haier A Top and Successful Brand:

The credit goes to OEM Management, it has enhanced its strength and make it strong to offer competent customer services to its consumers. It can overcome all threats and can catch more opportunities for future progress.

By practicing the remaining strategies under the Ansoff Matrix, it also offered the Haier brand to get more competitive advantages in the local market as well as in an international market.  By doing this, the Haier brand can earn many profits and become more well-known and also a popular premium goods brand in the world

OEC Management in Haier:

oec management in haier

OECM is an abbreviation of Overall Every Control management. It also can be said that as an overall every day or everyone or everything’s control plus clear of every employer in Haier.

The CEO of Haier has initiated the unique OEC management, the control system to plan an overall control of everything that every worker complete his/her job each day with an increment of 1% over the work that has been done the last day.

The OEC management has a total of three aspects of the controlling system: the first is target setting, the second is control, clearance, checking and the last one is an incentive mechanism.

The employers of Haier are awarded entirely based on their work quality, it can be either a red ‘reward’ or a yellow ‘penalty’ cards that are given.

On the other hand, the promotion of workers is confirmed by using a binding system to make assure award fairness.

In short, the OEM is a strategic process that includes human resources or goods of the brand,  that vary culture and also the leadership.

Once, Thomas W.  stated that Haier’s overall every control management and also an enterprise culture has the characteristics in the following section:

  • It must understand product and customer value, operating performance, product quality, innovation, and also speed to market.
  • There must be leadership to begin a “latest way of management”
  • Includes workers and management to make OEC management.
  • Kindly educate its employers and management staff plus held seminars and weekly brand newsletters to declared the strategy.
  • Appreciate its benefits.
  • Create expert employers to evaluate your company according to workers’ performance.

Specifications Of Haier Laptop Y11C:

Specifications of Haier Laptop Y11C

1. RAM Of Laptop:

ram of laptop

This Haier Y11C laptop has up to 8GB of RAM

2. Dual Camera:

It also posses a dual camera that has good quality images, you can capture from both either from the front or back to sketch images.

3. Great Video Quality:

It delivers good quality video with great resolution power of 1080 pixels.

4. Window 10 Installed:

It has the latest window, window 10 installed in it. You can install another window, but this window is innovative in its functions and delivers is a colorful texture.

5. Bluetooth with Sim Card Availability:

This laptop also comes with a Bluetooth facility along with a sim card, to store or transfer data easily.

6. The size of the Screen:

This Haier laptop Y11C has 11 inches display screen size and delivers a good, bright, and sharp image.

7. Battery Timing:

battery timing

This Haier laptop has up to 5 hours of battery timing and it performs excellently.

8. The CPU Used is Intel Core-7Y30:

It has Intel core-7Y30 central processing system that runs its programs effectively.

These all the specifications of Haier laptop Y11C and by keeping in mind the above-mentioned specification you can buy the best laptop of  Haier if you have not gotten it through the PM Laptop scheme.

The price range of Haier laptop Y11C is between 10k to 20k in Pakistani Rupees. But, be assured that the amount depends entirely upon the product’s quality, its condition, and usability of the laptop.

If you are looking for the best quality laptop then you must pay a high cost and that investment is no doubt. well worth. And if a laptop that is under your budget and can meet all your requirements it is too good to buy that cheap laptop.

However, all the Haier brand Laptops are solid and have powerful performance. These laptop devices have a  1 Terabyte camera of  HDD that has 1MB storage.

Problems And Solutions Of Haier Laptop:

There are some issues regarding this laptop, but there is no need to get worried about it, these issues can be resolved in a few minutes if you take some precautions while using it.

For example, sometimes, when we do some heavy work as playing heavy duty games or running another program, it gets too hot and becomes a little bit sluggish. Some people don’t take the notice of this issue but some get tired due to the slow running of a program

Sometimes, the Haier laptop takes a few minutes to reconnect with the internet or Wi-Fi, which might be indicated that the installed radio sensors are not perfectly wok or strong enough to work efficiently.

Also, sometimes it happens that the audio quality fluctuates, in a minute the audio is quite hearable while the other minute it gets too low that you need to take headphones to hear the audio.

Accessories And Features:


The design of its laptop is quite pretty good and it has an eye-catching appearance that is no less than any other branded laptop in the market right now.

It is extremely light in its weight approximately 2.5 kg. It is slim but thick from its sides. It has a stylish and goldfish silver color.

Display Screen:

display screen

The display screen is 12-inch wide and has a bezel on all sides. There is also written  “Haier” on the screen that is silver in color.

This laptop also has a logo of the Prime Minister Laptop Scheme in the center of this laptop.

USB And Ports:

On the left side of this laptop, a power adapter port is available to plug in the AC adapter to provide it power.

This laptop also provides you a heat vent, HDMI ports, memory card reader plus 2 USB ports that provide you the facility to transfer your data easily and fastly.



The Haier laptop also has an optical drive along with a USB port plus an audio Combo jack in which you can plug your headphones or microphone for getting perfect audio.

In front of its laptop, there is a light indicator to power on it, a hard disk drive, and also an AC adapter. It also delivers a 1.3 MP camera that offers brilliant image quality.

Battery Timing:

Haier laptop has a battery that consists of lithium-ion placed in it but precautions are necessary, don’t pick it or grab it from the backside to avoid hitting your laptop on the ground.

You must be careful while picking it. The best feature of this laptop is its battery timing, it has considerably 4 to 5 hours of battery timing.



The keyboard of Haier’s laptop is the same as any other laptop but it does not offer Urdu alphabets. The keypad is so smooth and easy to press its keys.

Powerful Performance:

When you switch on your Haier laptop, you are glad to see that logo of the PM Laptop Scheme is also surprised with the pre-installed Windows 10 Pro.

This Windows version enhances its quality and boots the laptop amazing quickly, so this is a brilliant achievement. However, it also offers an excellent and super-fast operating system.

Graphics Card:

The Haier Laptop has Intel core i3 4010U 1.7 GHz. It is powered by 4rth Gn of Intel HD Graphics 4400. But it has a drawback that memory is limited to 32 MB. It cant be upgraded.

Gaming Performance:

The Haier laptop is not usually made for playing games, hence. it has no dedicated GPU for example as of the NVIDIA series or AMD Mobile Series.

Furthermore, the Haier laptop has the Intel HD 4400 that aids in playing some casual games but doesn’t offer to play heavy-duty video games.

Products Reviews:

Let’s dive into the detailed review section of these products!

1. Haier laptop Y11B

haier laptop y11b

This Haier laptop Y11B is also light in weight. It is thin in its appearance but thick in its functions.

It has a solid and compact chassis. The display screen is wide and has good image quality.

The keyboard is quite ergonomic and has soft keys. You can easily type your work on it. The touchpad is soft.

Due to portability, it is easy to carry from one place to another. You can work it by placing it in your lap or on a desk.

This laptop has a pretty design. It also has USB ports but storage capacity is short than Haier laptop Y11C. However, it is good in its functions.


  • Good quality image
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Solid chassis
  • Ergonomic keyboard
  • Soft touchpad


  • None

2. Haier laptop Y11C

haier laptop y11c

This a great and small size laptop. It is too light in weight, slim, thin, and thus, easy to carry. It has running Windows 10 and an efficient operating system.

If you have it through Prime Minister Laptop Schemes, then it’s well and good but if you don’t have then buy it right now as it is well worth your investment.

Its adorable features can meet all your needs or requirements.

The Haier laptop Y11C does what you expect from it. It is quite true, it is not for gaming purposes and doesn’t grant high speed or heavy-duty games but can run light games.

If you want to edit your documents, write a document, or surfing the web it is perfect.

The RAM storage is 32GB that is enough to use every day, but my recommendation is to add a micro SD card of 64GB microSD card and you can install many other apps such as D drive.

You will be familiar with portable apps, the apps that can be installed in a portable device, you can install it in your SD card, and then with a mouse, keyboard, micro HDMI, USB hub, and a monitor cable, you can set up a small computer system.

The battery timing of Haier laptop Y11C is also good, it is about 6 hours. It also depends on your work, what type of work you are doing on it, some process can finish its battery quickly while some running process doesn’t affect their battery. This laptop is not a surface pro, it provides all the MS store apps and some office apps are pre-installed in it.


  • Light in weight
  • Window 10
  • 32GB RAM
  • Brilliant image quality
  • Dual camera
  • Smooth keyboard
  • Soft touchpad
  • Easy to use
  • Solid chassis
  • Good quality product


  • Battery timing is only 6 hours


Although, the laptop design is pretty good. The overall performance of the laptop is excellent. Furthermore, the battery timing of this laptop is excellent and amazing. Well, the battery should have been more securely placed in the battery compartment.

Haier is developing day by day due to its strategies and improving its weakness. The Asian Company has announced and awarded the “ Five Star Diamond Award” to the Haier brand. Briefly, we can say that all the combination of strategies has brought the Haier brand to become a 1st class brand in the product’s performance.

Haier brand has the strength to compete with its targeted industry. The Haier brand has also achieved the high-class service in the industry of producing good quality stock.

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