Keurig descale light won’t turn off

Keurig descale light won’t turn off. The following are some troubleshooting steps you can take if the Keurig descale light won’t turn off if your Keurig keeps flashing its lights, and especially if your machine turns off unexpectedly while brewing.

Take note of how many flashes appear on your Keurig before it turns itself off before proceeding with any troubleshooting steps.

Once you know what symptoms are associated with those number of flashes, please read the appropriate section below to proceed accordingly.

Keurig descale light won’t turn off

When the descale light doesn’t turn off, it’s usually because you’ve used too much water in one sitting. 

If these steps don’t work and the descale light won’t turn off, try turning off your machine and unplugging it for a few minutes before restarting.

If the descale light still won’t turn off after that, it may be time to contact Keurig’s customer service team for further assistance.

Descaling Cycle

The descaling cycle does not turn off automatically and will continue to descale the water until the process is complete.

If your keurig descale light won’t turn off, this is likely due to a problem with your power cord or power adapter.

If you have an older model of keurig that requires a power cord, try plugging it into another outlet.

If you have a newer model of keurig that requires a power adapter, try plugging it into another outlet or connecting it to the USB port on your computer.

Be Sure to Clean the Needle

  • Rinse out the tank with water until it runs clear.
  • Put a few cups of white vinegar into a measuring cup and put that inside the machine.
  • Turn on the machine to descale, which will take around 30 minutes.

Change the water filter

If the Keurig descale light doesn’t turn off, and the descaling process didn’t work, it may be a sign that the water filter needs to be changed.

If you’ve owned your machine for more than three years, then it’s time to replace the water filter.

In order to do so, all you need to do is unscrew the cap at the top of your machine and pull out an old filter. Then pop in a new one with a quick twist.

Keep an eye out for obstructions

Make sure there are no pieces of paper, utensils, or anything else blocking the water from flowing through, and keep your Keurig clean.

If you’ve made sure everything is clear and the descale light still doesn’t turn off, it could be time for a new filter. Filters can get clogged up with oils from coffee grounds over time.

 Cleaning the interior of the machine

The most common problem is that the brewer’s water reservoir has been depleted, or there is a blockage in the water passage. You can fix this by refilling the reservoir or clearing any blockages.

If you have replaced the filter and it still won’t turn off, make sure it is not sitting on top of a wet surface, such as spilled coffee, because this will cause an electrical short circuit which will affect the descaling light.

If there is no wet surface present and cleaning doesn’t solve the problem, check to see if you have set your brewer to accept water filters with chlorine if so, use an unfiltered water filter instead.

The Final Word

Keurig descale light won’t turn off. This is a common problem that may occur in many different models of Keurig. The reason it won’t turn off is usually that the machine still has some water inside that needs to be drained and then reused for descaling.

To fix this, try turning off the machine by pressing the off button, unplugging it from power, and removing all water from the reservoir.

Let it sit for about 30 minutes without plugging in or touching it, then plug it back in and try again. If this doesn’t work you may need to contact customer service for further help on how to solve your problem.

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