Kill bed bugs with steamer

Kill bed bugs with steamer. Summers have just arrived and, with summer, many of its comforts and discomforts. I will discuss with you one discomfort of summer and that is having bed bugs in your home.

Having bed bugs in your home is indeed something you want. You work all day long in the workplace for your near ones.

You often hear a lot of unwanted words from people who are in a higher position than you and then when you come home tired and want to sleep at night, these tiny devils bite you and give you some itching burns that can wake you up.

These tiny-sized devils disturb your sleep. Disturbed sleep is something not good for physical and mental health, therefore having bedbugs is not a pleasant experience. You do want to get rid of them as soon as you see them, but you do not know how to get rid of them.

In this article, I’ll be discussing one of the easy DYI techniques with you to own these little devils.  I will discuss how you can make use of the steamer to get rid of these little devils.

Kill bed bugs with steamer

kill bed bugs with a steamer

One of the most result-oriented techniques for homeowners themselves to kill the little devil’s bed bugs is using a steamer to steam them. If you want to make sure you make use of a commercial steamer with a capacity of 1 gallon.

If you are using a steamer that you normally use for clothing, then it won’t be getting you the desired result.

You should also be mindful that you are not using a carpet cleaning machine since it doesn’t reach the level of temperature that is required to kill the bedbugs.

Commercial steamers have the potential to get the temperature that is required to kill the bedbugs.

You would see more effectiveness of steam when the bugs are on the surface of the fabric and it will reach down the 3/4 down below the surfaces of fabrics.

In order to kill the bedbugs with steam, the temperature should be somewhere between 160% to 180%.

Use of bed bugs kill steamer

You need to observe and follow points besides reading instructions given by the manufacturer in order to effectively use the steamer to kill the bedbugs.

Attach nozzle

Get a steam rod in your hand and attach a nozzle with it and in order to get the right temperature, you need to move the nozzle slowly.

Appropriate temperature

The temperature of the steam should be somewhere between the range of 160% to 180%. If the temperature is lower than this range then the chances of bedbugs not getting killed are low.

On the other, hand if the temperature is higher than this, range then it will destroy the fabric of the surface.

Damp surface

The surface’s fabric should be damp, not wet.

Steam all areas of bedbugs

Try to make sure you use the steamer everywhere in your home where you have seen bugs, on all the fabrics where you have seen them, all the narrow openings, and in the furniture, you have seen bugs, just steam them.

Switch on fan

switch on fan

Switching on the fan in the area where you have steam would help them to dry.

Cool steamer

When you are done will all this then you must be quick to read the instructions given by the manufacturer to cool of the steamer and to ensure that the pressure is off.

Frequent repetition

You have to repeat this method frequently in order to make sure that heat reaches every bug to kill it , if it doesn’t reach to every bug then it will not kill the bug.

Safety measures

In order to make effective use of steamer you have to take following safety measure

Must read instructions

Most people don’t tend to read out the instructions of the manufacturer in the manual book given with the steamer .Before making use of the steamer you must make sure that you have properly read the instructions of the manufacturer.

Follow instructions

Make sure after reading and understanding the instructions given by the manufacturer you follow the instructions so that you can effectively use the steamer.

Protect your children

If you have children in your home then you must take immense care of them so they do not get anywhere near to the steamer because the heat of the steamer can give them serious burns.


Kill bed bugs with steamer. In this article, you have learned some of the important points about steamers and how steamers can be used as an effective tool to kill bedbugs.

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