Long Black Beetles In House

Long Black Beetles In House. You know when its summer you would probably going to have tough time dealing with lot of bugs and insects infestation.

Right now I am here going to have discussion with you on one of the troubling insect that often invade your home.

I am talking about black beetles, having black beetles in your home is something you would never appreciate not because they are harmful to you but it’s the damage that they cause to your home.

More often you get to know about their presence in your home when you see the damage they cause to different parts of your home, in other words you sense their presence too late, so having them in your home is last thing you want to see in your home.

If by chance you see even a couple of them next thing you would want to do is to get rid of them but for this you must know what are the types of beetles have invaded you home and how to get rid of them.

In this article I’ll be discussing some types of black beetles that are present inside your home and how to get rid of them as soon as possible so that when you see them next time you don’t panic.

Long Black Beetles In House

long black beetles in house

Before you know how to get rid of black beetles in your house you must know some of it types in your home and they are being discussed below.

Black Carpet Beetles

If you see some signs of damages on your carpets and in other upholstery of your home then your home has infested with black carpet beetles.

They are one of the most common type of beetles you will see roaming in your home, they cause damages fiber material in your home including carpets and other upholstery.

If you see your carpet damaged and other upholstery damaged then you must have surety on presence of black carpet beetles in your home.

Furniture Beetles

furniture beetles

If you see wooden chair in your home has some weakness in its structure or you see some sort of damages then it is sign of furniture beetles infestation in your home.

They make maximum out of their appearance in order to get inside the wooden furniture in your home.

Interesting face about them is that they spend most of their life in larvae phase of their development and its then they consume more food.

Damages Caused By Black Beetles

  • Damages By Black Carpet Beetles

If you see any sort of damages in the fiber material in your home including your carpet or any upholstery then that’s the damage of black beetles.

  • Damages By Furniture Beetles

If you feel any sort of weakness in your wooden chair or you see any sort of damages in them then you can think the possibility of furniture beetles infestation.

They inflict damage to wooden furniture of your home especially when they are in larvae stage of their development.

Incentive Of Black Beetles Inside Home

You will travel from one city to another and even from one country to another to get employment and employment will get you food for yourself and your near one.

Similarly if your home has the food that attracts beetle then definitely they will come in your home, food and shelter in your home serve as incentive for them to come in your home.

How To Get Rid Of Black Beetles

Following tricks would help you in getting rid of these insects.

  • Know Their Infested Things

First and foremost step is to know what they have infested in your home?  They can either infest your upholstery, carpets or other fiber material or the wooden furniture.

Give a very thorough look to all the fiber related stuff in your home including carpets.

  • Thorough Vacuuming

thorough vacuuming

Once you know the infested areas take vacuum cleaner in your hand and then start vacuuming thoroughly in your home, specially beetle infested items such as furniture, upholstery and pantry of your home.

  • Separate Infested Item

After thorough vacuuming you must separate any item that maybe infested with beetles and then you have to put them in the bag to throw them out of your home as soon as possible you can.

By doing so helps you in potential growth of the beetles that are in the larvae stage.

  • Dry Cleaning

You can also dry clean can kill further eggs of the beetles if by chance they are left out in vacuuming.

  • Frequent Vacuuming

Make sure you vacuum your home on regular basis,if you can’t do it on regular basis then vacuum as much you can to make sure you have not a single beetle in your home , before it makes it worse for you by having infestation.

If by chance female beetle lays egg in safe corner of your home it would be no less than catastrophe in your home.

Black Beetle Walk


Long Black Beetles In House. In this article you have learned some of the common types of black beetles in your home, the damages they cause and why they come into your home. You also know how to get rid of them in easy manner.

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