Long Skinny Black Bugs In House

Long Skinny Black Bugs In House. Bugs can be seen everywhere in your surroundings. The eco system is not complete without bugs. They tend to play an important role.

Some of these bugs enter our house. These insects can have distinguished characters. They may have relatively small shape or long depends upon the kind. Bugs similarly to insects are enchanted by the light.

Bugs do love to enter our premises. These premises also include your houses. Bugs sure love houses. Having bugs in your house can be devastating as they can divert your attention from the work you were doing. They can also cause stress with noises they make.

Long Skinny Black Bugs In House

long skinny black bugs in house

Now, here we discuss some of the long skinny bugs which are common in our houses.


Commonly known as Earwigs are quite the bug which are harmless to human. Their body doesn’t conation any kind of venom nor do they have tendency to bite humans.

They only stick to our skin but do not damage or harm us in any way. Although they might creep some individuals out. They are nothing to be feared about.

A common myth about these creatures is that. Your brain is eaten by them as they crawl into your ear.

This is really unfounded and there is no evidence to prove such absurd theory. Not just that but they play an important role as predators.

Lepisma Saccharina

lepisma saccharina

Commonly referred as sliver fish are bugs that actually live outdoors but they sometimes enter the houses. They are actually attracted to places which contain moist.

Their habitat is moist, which is why they live there. Silverfish resembles shrimp in structure and has fish like scales. Silver is the color most commonly found in them. Thus, the name silver fish came to be.

Being named silver fish doesn’t mean that they are only in color silver. As well as black, they appear in white. Those are the main reasons why they have been mentioned.

Silver fish are also harmless to us as they don’t have enough strength to bite through human skin. But if we talk about the damage to the house. I assure their habit of eating the household can inflict damage.



They are in simple term called Click beetles. As to why they are called click beetles. They are called click beetles due to the reason that they exhibit clicking like noise when they are in grasp of an enemy.

They may resemble cockroaches when they become adult but they are species with distinguished characteristics. Just like silver fish they are not harmful to human beings but we can’t say the same about your house.

They can cause chaos and destruction in your household. They can restructure your house at a high pace. They can even make the structure crumble. When the wood is decaying, they can be found there. They are actually the reason for the decay of wood.



They are usually called weevils. They are also a type of beadle not just that but this type beetles belongs to the super family. They are commonly known because of the long snouts they have.

Weevils are also harmless bugs to human. They do not bite at all. They have no venom in their system. Interestingly even if we accidentally devour a beetle it will not be harmful to us.

This is because as I said they do not contain any kind of venom. They do tend to damage your property but still they usually shred their skin in o your meal and sometimes even do feces in our food.

You cannot eat such food and the food goes to waste thus causing wastage of money.


Long Skinny Black Bugs In House. The bugs I mentioned above are all inflicting damage on your house. Indirect damage is possible as well. The type of bug that causes the damage determines how it will affect you.

We should actually get rid of these bugs to save us from further damage and also future damage. We can use different pesticides and insecticides to get rid of these bugs.

Additionally, there are natural methods for repelling them. We can even get rid of them by using brute force.

Calling in professionals is also one of many ways to exterminate the bugs. Applying barriers is also deemed effective against these bugs. There are other ways in which I won’t waste your time on.

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