Peppermint oil spiders myth

Peppermint oil spiders myth. Spiders even if they have a resemblance with insects are not considered to be insects. They are a part or rather actually arthropods themselves. They consist of eight legs.

Their family is divided into many species. They also have fangs and they are venomous creatures. Their venom level can be more poisonous than other spiders depending upon the type or species of the spider.

They have the ability to make silk webs for themselves. These silk webs are shot or come out from their spinnerets. They are actually important predators in our houses. They are even kept as pets in some places by some people.

Now let us discuss peppermint. Peppermint is actually a crossbreed or other hybrid of two different types of mint. The mints which cross breed to form peppermint are spearmint and watermint.

That being said peppermint is completely natural.  It contains the compound of carbon and hydrogen and oxygen is present as well. Thus making it completely natural and also completely organic.

But the main components which it consists of are menthol and menthene. Peppermint has a very strong aroma. The aroma exerted or given by the peppermint is very sweet and refreshing. Peppermint is really common and used in a vast amount in our daily life.

Peppermint oil spiders myth

peppermint oil spiders myth

Myths are considered to be both historical and sometimes non-historical stories that have remnants of supernatural beings or phenomena involving them.

These types of stories are not actually proven by science. That being said there is also a myth that involves the spiders and the peppermint.

It is stated as such that if we apply or use the peppermint against the spider. The spider will die. The means in myth are unclear. like how to apply the peppermint such that it will kill the spider.

Scientifically speaking, The myth has no actual truth in it. Peppermint is considered to be a very effective and natural repellent. But in the end that is all it is. It is just a repellent. It cannot actually kill the spiders.

The strong fragrance which is sweet to humans like us is not very liked by spiders and it drives them away but the smell is not enough to actually kill any spider.

The use of peppermint is just a simple way of repelling the spiders. This has been scientifically proven. That is the reason peppermint is not used as an insecticide.

Actual materials that kill the spiders

As I mentioned before that peppermint is just a repellent and is not able to kill spiders. That is also the case for most of the other natural remedies.

Most natural remedies are just repellents they do not have any ability when comes to exterminating or taking the life of the spiders.



Vinger I know is a natural material, but unlike most materials, that only acts as a repellent. Vinegar has the ability to repel the spider as well as actually kill them.

To use the method involving vinegar. You just need to mix the vinegar and water in a bottle and stir it. After that just apply it or spray it where you think that the spiders might be located.

Drowning in water

Spiders do not have the ability to breathe underwater. They cannot even float on water as they do not know how to swim.

This can be used to our advantage. We can pour water on them and make them drown. Drowning will mean their death and we will be rid of them.



The use of diatomaceous is another way to say goodbye to the spiders. This is because diatomaceous is a natural insecticide. It has the ability to break the exoskeleton of insects and other pests including spiders.

This material crushes the exoskeleton of the spiders, rendering them dehydrated. Thus due to lack of oxygen in their system the spiders die.

Insecticides and Pesticides

Other ways to kill the spiders include the use of unnatural insecticides and pesticides. These might be harmful to the environment and to other living organisms.

Thus the use of natural materials is recommended rather than the use of such materials.

Using Peppermint Oil for Spiders


Peppermint oil spiders myth. We have unraveled the mystery about the spiders and peppermint.

We also concluded the result with scientific means so there is no room for doubt at all. We also learned methods which are originally able to remove these bugs from our premises.

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