Plants That Grow Up Walls

Plants That Grow Up Walls. If you have a wall you don’t like, note that you should cover it with trailing plants. However, not even all wall-covered plants are the same, so do your research on growing.

Whenever planting your garden, do not even ignore the vertical areas. Walls, fences, gates, and garden shade concepts such as pergolas all provide planting opportunities,’ says landscape design Fiona Lamb.

Plants That Grow Up Walls

plants that grow up walls

Climbers can conceal an unsightly outbuilding or an old fence, invite you through an arch or gate, or provide aroma, color, and complexity to a sitting room.

”Whatever your ground conditions or aspect, you can choose climbers to thrive, with many also providing vital homes for nesting birds and insects,’ Fiona explains.

With that in mind, here are some of our favorite climber ideas to help you change your landscape.

Using Plants On Walls

If you do have an ugly wall on one of your garden’s borders, you can enlist the help of garden plants.

It’s not hard to find hanging plants to cover a wall, and many vines, both deciduous and evergreen, will do the trick. Climbers do more than just conceal an unsightly fence.

Plants that grow best in the sun can disguise a wall, as climber plants grow well in the shadow. They may brighten up that side of the yard with green foliage and even blooms. Choose something which will fit in your area.

Beautiful Plants That Grownup on Walls

Have your eyes on these beautiful plants.



Moss walls have a lifespan of up to 25 years. Furthermore, they have excellent air cleaning and oxygenating characteristics and can make any boring wall look intriguing.


The wall bellflower forms a dense mat of small, spherical, dark-green leaves. In the summer, it blooms with beautiful blue-purple bell-shaped flowers.

English Ivy

English ivy may grow up walls and create a green look. It is not damaging to the walls and is quite simple to maintain.

Creeping Thymes

creeping thymes

Creeping thymes are available in a variety of hues and smells. You may create a lovely aesthetic by combining a few different varieties.


Rockcress can be tucked between the little vacant spots in walls. It stretches out to form a loose mat and neatly fills the space. In the spring, the shrub produces lovely flowers.

Climbing hydrangeas

Climbing hydrangeas produce clusters of fragrant white flowers against a backdrop of dark-green leaves. The most excellent part about growing it is that it requires little to no care!

Creeping jenny

The creeping jenny is a blooming vine with tiny leaves on thin branches. When these strings of light-green or almost golden leaves climb up a wall, they seem beautiful.

Maidenhair spleenwort 

maidenhair spleenwort 

Maidenhair spleenwort is a tiny fern thriving in rocks, mainly limestone walls. Because it prefers shade, it can also be grown on shady garden walls.


Prunella is widely referred to as a “self-healing” herb. It gets its common name from its medicinal and therapeutic powers. It is yet another excellent option for growing on walls.


Sedum spreads rapidly and is drought-tolerant, making it ideal for use in wall gardens. It is known as stonecrop because it is frequently found growing on and among stones.

Kenilworth ivy

kenilworth ivy

Kenilworth ivy, also known as ivy-leaved toadflax, thrives on stone walls. It bears a reddish tint to the stems and leaves. While the leaves are shaped like ivy, the blossoms are purple.

Yellow corydalis

Yellow corydalis is a perennial with ferny foliage that blooms small, bright yellow flowers from May through September. It thrives on rocks or walls.


Plants That Grow Up Walls. A ‘living wall’ in your garden can completely modify the appearance of your home.

Here are some of the most excellent Plants That Grow on Walls for making your yard look lush and green.

We have provided you with the necessary information to have a beautiful yard with minimal effort.

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