Rabbit Holes In Yard

Rabbit Holes In Yard. Rabbits are also referred as bunnies. They are quite interesting and adorable species. They belong the animal kingdom. They are very common creatures.

They dig holes and live underground. Rabbits come in different colors and sizes. This depends upon where they are from. They live in form of colonies. They depend on each other and protect each other.

They also gather their meal in form of groups. The rabbits can e found in forests, grass lands and even deserts. As they mostly live underground and under the ground, the temperature is cool so they can withstand the blazing heat of sun even in deserts.

Bunnies might be very cute and pleasing to your eyes. But they are not very good pets. They do not like being lifted up by anyone. They are fragile and lifting them wrongly can even cause severe injuries to them and they can claw you too so be careful.

“Doe” is what a female rabbit is referred as. Whereas a male rabbit is referred as “Buck”. Now I Know what you are wondering. Isn’t that what a deer is called.

Yes, you are right that is same as deer. Rabbits or bunnies jump to display their happiness. Isn’t that just adorable. A bunny can rotate its ear in even the angle of 270 degree.

Rabbit Holes In Yard

rabbit holes in yard

Rabbits as they live underground make a lot of holes in the ground. Well, the place where they dig their holes can also be your yard. Rabbits tend to do damage by digging holes in your ground.

These holes are dug by rabbits to make a path for them. The holes are actually openings to their homes. They dig and dig until they are satisfied that have found a safe habitat for themselves and their children.

After finding a safe spot the rabbits reproduce there. increasing their population. Rabbit softens the earth with help og their paw and then they push the dirt backwards.

They move around doing so that the dirt which they dug remains out and doesn’t block their entrance. Rabbits’ holes are a big problem. This is because if you find them in your yard. You’ll first be seeing the havoc they have caused.

If you have had planted any vegetables or something like that. Well, it’s time to say good bye them. May the vegetables rest in peace or rather in one piece.

Well, this only stays funny until you have rabbits lurking around all over your place. Rabbits reproduce at a high rate so you can great ready to see your trouble doubled or even triple. Not so funny now, right? Your yard or rather their yard now is going to get even more interesting.

With increase in there. Time to time you might even see them lurking around your house as well. But don’t be afraid. I know the problem is getting bigger but there is always a solution. And that solution is to get rid of the rabbits.

Now you are wondering how?  well, I will elaborate it down below

Approaches on How to get rid of rabbit holes in the yard

To get rid of the holes in your yard. firstly, you got to locate the hole where the rabbits are staying. The hole can be located easily. You see where ever the hole is dug you will find dirt around there in excessive amount.

This is mostly around the boundaries as the rabbits don’t want you to find their house in open. After finding you just need to use dirt to block their passage.

If you need permanent method, you can use cement and concrete as the rabbits won’t be able to dig through them. You can also just call animal control.

This way you don’t even have to lock for or find the rabbit hole. The animal control will take care of locating as well as exterminating them. Convenient isn’t it. There are some preventive measures for future.

Preventive Measures

preventive measures

Always keep your lawn mowed so you can see if there is any change in the yard or if a hole has appeared.

Secondly, use repellents and barriers to keep your vegetables safe and sound.

Make sure not to keep rabbit as a pet. Your own rabbit can also o the things above. So be vary of the results above before thinking of getting rabbit as a pet.

How Deep Does The Rabbit Hole Go?


Rabbit Holes In Yard. At the end I would just like to remind you not to take small organisms lightly. They might do things which you have had never imagined.

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