Sugar Ants In Bathroom

Sugar Ants In Bathroom. Winters have nearly come to an end which will be followed by season of spring and summer. Summer and spring season both come along with humid and warm environment which often makes everyone sweat so both become annoying a bit.

This little bit of annoyance becomes more annoying when you see an army of tiny ants in your house’s kitchen and bathroom, these ants are sugar ants.

You are likely to have no idea about them who they are and why they are in your home’s kitchen and bathroom or in other words what made the kitchen and bathroom of your home a favorable spot for them.

In this article we will be discussing about these ants a bit so that you have some idea about what are these ants, knowing this would help you in getting you rid of them.

Sugar Ants In Bathroom

sugar ants in bathroom

To describe them a bit we shall be discussing in following points.

Size Of Sugar Ants

These ants like other ants are of too small size.

Are They Dangerous?

No they are not fatal to human health in direct manner, they don’t bite you to harm you nor do they spread any diseases in environment.

Eat Every Food

Most people by reading their name sugar ant get the impression that they only consume sugary food which is not true because they consume every food but their preference is sweet thing.

How do they get into your house?

Most of the time sugar ants sneak into your home from outside the home because they have a lot more powerful smelling sense than the other types of ants you see in your home so don’t be surprise to see them in your home from all opening of your home such as cracks, vents n chimney, etc.

Food And Water

food and water

In spots where there is food or even some water they will definitely come, even if one of the ants smells their presence it would be followed by rest of the colony.

Indirect Harm

Since they eat food we human eat which results in contamination of food, contaminated food is harmful for our health therefore having them in our home is alarming.

Native Australian

Sugar ant native is Australia.

How to prevent invasion of sugar ants into bathroom and kitchen?

In order to prevent them from coming in your kitchen and bathroom we have few natural methods that offers you great amount of help in getting rid of their already made infestation in your home  and prevent them infesting your home.

Vinegar And Water Mixture

vinegar and water mixture

Get ½ of each water and vinegar, mix them properly to get a proper mixture and then spray them on every entrance point of your home specially of bathroom and kitchen.

This spray will help you in preventing the potential infestation of ants in your home.

Lemon And Water Mixture

lemon and water mixture

Cut one lemon in two pieces, squeeze its juice in one glass of water and then mix it properly.

After proper mixing of this mixture spray it on every entrance point of your home to prevent your home being infested and to get rid of infestation in your home.

You can also try putting the pieces of lemon on entrance points of your home to prevent the potential infestation.

Powder Of Chalk

powder of chalk

Yes you read it right, chalk contains calcium carbonate that is repellent to all types of ants.

All you need to us to make it powder and sprinkle it on all the entrance points of ants including your bathroom and kitchen so you can rid of the potential infestation.

Besides this drawing line from chalks on all entrance points also serves as deterrent for potential invasion of these ants.

Outplay Ants

outplay ants

Sometime you just need to play smart little bit to outplay them.

Put some sweet food in front of their spot in your home which would invite them to come in front of you and then you need to spray the pest killer chemical on them to kill the entire colony.

After 10 minutes take a plastic bag with you and put all the dead ants in the bag so that you can dispose them in trash bin.

Cinnamon And Cloves

cinnamon and cloves

You read it right, one of the best repellent of ants is cinnamon and also cloves.

You don’t need to mix the water to make their mixture to spray them, you just need to place them on all the potential entrance points of these ants because smell of these things don’t go well with ants so they would not enter in your bathroom and kitchen.

Cover The Sweet Food

cover the sweet foods

Make sure you have all the sweet placed on your kitchen shelves or anywhere in home is well covered because uncovered sweet food is open invitation to ants.

So cover them as soon as possible, also clean the floor if they have traces of sweet on it.


How do I get rid of sugar ants in my bathroom?

We have many natural methods to get rid of them if you want to save your time and get the desired result of getting rid of a potential infestation.

Then simply place cinnamon and clove on all the entrance points of your home because smell of both of them serve as the best repellent of ants.

Why do I have sugar ants in my bathroom?

You have sugar ants in your bathroom because of water traces in your bathroom.

How to get rid of ants in the bathroom?


Sugar Ants In Bathroom. In this article, you have learned what sugar ants are, how they can be harmful in an indirect manner, and their most liked season. You also know some easy natural methods to get rid of them.

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