Tiny Ants In Kitchen Around Sink

Tiny Ants In Kitchen Around Sink. Summers have just arrived and with its some of its comforts and discomforts. We are here to discuss one of the discomforts of summer and that is the colony or infestation of ants in your home.

Tiny ants are like other common insects and bugs are most active in warm which is indeed the source of nuisance for you.

Having these tiny ants in your home in simple living room is still acceptable but when you see their colony walking around the sink of your kitchen then its more problem for you.

Although they are not harmful to you to the extent of life yet having their entire colony in your home and especially near your kitchen’s sink is something unpleasant hence unacceptable for you.

You do want to know where do they come from and what attracts them to your kitchen’s sink.

You also want to fight them out to own them before they own you and spoil everything in the kitchen but you have no idea so you do likely to enter in panic like state when you see their colony in kitchen.

In this article we will be discussing some of the natural methods to get rid of these ants around your kitchen’s sink, so next time when you see a trail of ants near your kitchen sinks you don’t feel any worriedness.

Tiny Ants In Kitchen Around Sink

tiny ants in kitchen around sink

How to get rid of ants near the kitchen sink

Following rational and natural methods might offer you great amount of help in getting rid of tiny ants.

Cover The Food

As it is already said in this article that tiny ants are attracted to food on in your kitchen therefore it would be wise of you if you cover the food properly with cloth.

Dump The Stale Food

One of the incentive of tiny ants to move around your kitchen’s sink is stale food in garbage can of your kitchen, therefore it would be wise of you to keep dumping your stale and rotten food outside your home in any safe place.

Clean Water

clean water

As it is already said above one of the incentive of ants to come in from of colony in your kitchen is standing water therefore it would be rational of you to make sure you keep cleaning the water standing in your kitchen, even if it is few drop.

If they don’t see water, food or smell sense the presence of stale or rotten food they would not even come in the kitchen.


One of the most easiest natural method that works to keep the ants from kitchen is chalk. You read it right, because chalk contains calcium carbonate in it that keeps ants from it.

All you need to do is to spray its powder in every nook and corner of the kitchen and also on the entrance point of your kitchen. You can also draw a line from chalk which would prevent ants to sneak into your kitchen.

Lemon And Water Mixture

Cut the lemon into two pieces and put these pieces every nook and corner of your kitchen, of course you need a few lemons for it. Or you can simply take one lemon into half halves and squeeze its juice in half a glass of water.

Mix this mixture properly in order to get the proper mixture and then put this mixture in a spray bottle so that you can spray the mixture on every nook and corner of your kitchen.

Smell of lemon juice is repellent of ants so they don’t even stand a chance to enter into your kitchen.

Oranges And Water

oranges and water

Get some oranges peeled in a glass of water, mix the paste well in order to make a proper paste or mixture.

Put the mixture in spray bottle and spray it in every nook and corner of the kitchen including its entry points, because like smell of lemon, ants do not stand a chance to enter into your kitchen.

Clove And Cinnamon

A time saving method for you is to put cinnamon and clove in every nook and corner of your kitchen which would help to keep the tiny ants to enter in your kitchen.


Where do tiny ants come from?

These ants come into your home narrow opening in your walls and floors.

Can ants come from the sink?

Indeed ants can come from the sink, they can come from holes and cracks, now you are well aware of sink has hole in it.

What attracts tiny ants into your kitchen’s sink?

You may ask what is so favorable for tiny ants to come near to your kitchen’s sink?  Tiny ants are attracted to food or standing water near your sink because ants of all types do attract to food and standing water.

Is having tiny ants harmful?

Indeed having tiny ants around your kitchen sink is harmful not only to the food but also to you in two ways.

When they eat food they make it impure which you unknowingly consume and as a result, it can cause you medical trouble, and on top of that these ants bites and some of them also sting.

So yes, we clearly know from these points that having these tiny ants can be harmful not only to food but also to humans.

How to get rid of tiny black ants?


Tiny Ants In Kitchen Around Sink. In this article you have learned that what attract tiny ants in your kitchen, knowing their incentives in your kitchen gave you clear idea that how to prevent them coming into to your kitchen.

Covering food and removing traces of standing water and dumping rotten food are rational methods to prevent their infestation.

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