Tiny Flying Bugs In House Attracted To Light

Tiny Flying Bugs In House Attracted To Light. Well for starters bugs, all of the bugs are attracted to light. In the wild, the light to bugs is safe point from their predators.

The first instinct of all the living organism is to survive. And as living organism bugs are not different either they also have the instinct to survive and when they see light as they see no predator blocking their path they subconsciously are attracted by the source of the light and they start moving towards it.

Bugs and lights are also a common theme in folklore. I will share the story and even tell you tips to get rid of the bugs because I know they can get really annoying.

Tiny Flying Bugs In House Attracted To Light

tiny flying bugs in house attracted to light

All bugs are attracted to light especially the ones which have wings and can fly following are some types of bugs that are attracted by light

Fungus gnats

It is a tiny bus that flies and is attracted to the light. You can spot fungus gnats in your home and also outside. There are many of them to be found.

They actually enter your house at nights or early in the morning this is because they see the lights turned on and they follow the lights to their source.



Beetles are valuable decomposers to humans. They are very common types of insects. The eat the waste materials or rather decompose it. They have tough and hard wings.

Like other bugs thwy are also attracted to light and can be seen at nights on lights at a very high rate. They are usually drawn towards standard white light emitted by our tube lights.


Mayflies are fragile insects with about two membranes. They are from the family of dragon flies.

An interesting fact about them as when they are winged that only live for about 24 hours. Light attracts them as well.



Well moths are pretty common bugs and we see them in everyday life especially in cold place. They are in large number during the winter season.

Cold blooded creatures do this because of their cold nature. Like I mentioned that there is a folk tale about bugs and light. Well, I was precisely talking about Moths.

It is said in the tale that moths loved a princess. The princess was pretty and she was attracted to light. The princess used to gaze at the moon and stars for the same purpose as the stars contained light.

One day the princess issued an order that whom so ever brings her the moon or light of the moon will be married to the princess. So, all the bugs started to look for light similar to light including the moth.

The moth kept trying or years and years during this time the princess met fire fly who had the light so they got married. It is said that the moth is still trying to get the light without the knowledge of the princess being married to the firefly. Well, that is just a folk tale don’t pay too much mind to it.



Flies are also very attracted to light as much as the moths but moths are commonly known due to the folk tale so flies and other bugs are over shadowed by it.

But flies are very attracted to light. You can actually see the example in your daily life. Unless you get it. Let me explain.

What I mean is that you can see flies hovering over your phone when you display is on or on any other device with light. We can also see this with our bulbs and tube lights that flies are hovering around them.

One of the example of types of flies that commonly hewer around the light at your home is house fly. House flies have also attracted the ultraviolet lights which cannot be seen by humans with the help of naked eyes.

How To Get Rid Of “Tiny Flying Bugs In House Attracted To The Light”

  • Replacing your bulbs with LEDs is effective as they produce less heat and bugs are attracted to higher temperatures.
  • Citronella candles are also effective in getting rid of bugs.
  • Tinting is also a method to get rid of bugs.
  • Another method is to just call pest control. They’ll take off all the bugs in your house.

Why are Insects Attracted to Light?


Tiny Flying Bugs In House Attracted To Light. We have come to know about the types of tiny bugs which hover around your house.

We also learned the method to get rid of such bugs. And as a plus point, we learned about a common folk tale about bugs and some interesting facts as well.

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