Types Of Toilet Flush Valves

Types Of Toilet Flush Valves. When you see anything from your eyes you do question who has made it. Now you’ve been using your toilet flush since your day one in the world so it also can come to your mind that this entire system of water flushing, who has introduced first in the history of mankind.

Records of history prove that it was Sir John Harington in the year 1596 who introduced this mechanism that facilitates the flushing of water along with our waste down in the drainage.

Nevertheless, it’s 2022 now, so obviously with the passage of time everything has improved from the past as a result of advancements in sciences, toilet’s flush valves are no exception to this.

Today we have a lot more efficient and improved types of toilet flush valves.

Types Of Toilet Flush Valves

types of toilet flush valves

As it is already mentioned that due to a lot of advancements in sciences and technologies now in 2022 we have a lot of improved, efficient, and more updated different types of flush valves for toilets.

Therefore it is of utmost importance for you to know some of the flushing systems so you get a better decision when buying a toilet because it would help you to know what system is more you like. Here we are going to discuss a few of them.

Gravity Flush Valves

Of the oldest and most commonly used system for flushing is gravity flush system that capitalize water as an agent to make flushing force.

This flush system lacks the facility of siphon to clear up the waste from bowl. It functions lot gentler than pressure assisted system because it has not have much of a mechanism.

Pressure Assisted Toilet System

Pressure assisted system is ideally for sizeable bowls of the toilet, that are made in such a manner to have powerful flushing ability so that they can create the force to throw out the waste from bowl.

Since this has lot more mechanism therefore it is too noisy, this is one of the drawbacks of pressure assisted system.

Syphon Flush Mechanism

As the name implies, in this flushing system a syphon is designed with the bowl of toilet , it is very important instrument that is placed on the bowl.

Mostly siphons flush system contain a lever for flushing purpose. As soon as you pull or push the flushing lever, it would for split the valves and that further causes the flow of water in the bowl of toilet.

Washdown Toilet System

washdown toilet system

Washdown toilet system is also one of the most effective flush system present today.

This system makes a usage of procedure which includes compelling water to be in bowl and then taking the waste out from the bowl though the narrow passage.

Double Cyclone Toilet System

Double cyclone toilet system are also one of the effective flush system of modern. They have a force system support two spouts that come in the usage in this flushing system.

As a result of which sufficient amount of water can be filled throughout the bowl which assists the siphons to be more effective. There is not much difference in between double cyclone toilet system and gravity flush system.

Single Flush System

This is a rare flushing system in which you can make the use of same quantity of water whether your waste is in liquid form or solid form.

According to the market majority of people are using the combination of a single flush system and a gravity flush system.

Ever since the low-flow toilets have been introduced in the market, it has become very much easy to find a single flush system that saves a good amount of water.

The Tank Fill Valve Toilet System

This flushing system is made in such a manner that it contains a ballcap and plunger which assist in filling up of tank of water.

The Rear Flush System

The rear flush system is also called macerating flushing or upflush flushing system. If you are interested to have this system then you can find this in flush toilet.

How To Replace A Toilet Flush Valve?


Types Of Toilet Flush Valves. In the entire writeup, we have discussed different types of flushing systems and we have also pointed out which gravity flush toilet is the more commonly used flushing system because of their gentle functioning, not much noise pollution.

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