What Temp To Kill Bed Bugs

What Temp To Kill Bed Bugs. Summers are around the corner and with summer its comforts and discomforts would definitely come along with it.

We are going to discuss one of the discomforts in this article and that is an infestation of bed bugs in your home. When we look at bed bugs we think they can be easily killed it is not true because they are too small to be seen.

You can say it can get you too late to see their infestation in your home because they are too difficult to be seen because of their too-small size, they can be in crevices, cracks, and other narrow openings of your home because of their too-small size which makes their killing quite a challenging task for you.

Even in winters, they were in your home but in summers they are going to be more active than in winters.

In this article we are going to discuss some of the temperatures that are not friendly for the existence of bed bugs so that you can be helped in knowing what temperatures can totally annihilate their eggs and adult bed bugs themselves.

What Temp To Kill Bed Bugs

what temp to kill bed bugs

Bed bugs are no different to humans in terms of environment, like we humans have a body that bears certain degrees of temperatures of both extremes highest and lowest, likewise, body of bed bugs have also certain temperatures on both extreme and lowest to tolerate, any temperature above or below these temperatures respectively can harm them to death.

Does cold temperature kill bed bugs?

Yes as it is already mentioned above that bed bugs are not resilient to both extremes of highest and lowest degree temperatures.

So it makes it quiet evident that cold temperature can kill the bed bugs but for this one has to be observant of the limit of scale of temperature that is required to kill the bed bugs.

According to a study temperature of -13 degrees Fahrenheit is effective enough to kill the bed bugs. Even 1 degree above this threshold would not be enough to annihilate the infestation of bed bugs.

Preferred warm environment

As it is mentioned above bed bugs are comfortable in both cold and warm temperature, so yes we can say that bed bugs can live in cold temperatures.

It doesn’t affect their act of feeding and sucking blood but they like other living beings prefer the warm temperature more than the cold temperatures which is why they are more active in summers than in winters.

Can high temperature kill bed bugs?

can high temperature kill bed bugs

Yes indeed, high temperature can kill not only the bed bugs but also their eggs.

One thing should be kept in mind like we mentioned in cold temperature is that even one degree below the threshold of temperature is not going to be any useful to you.

Three threshold of hot temperature

There are threshold of hot temperature that can be observed to treat the infestation of bed bugs in your home.

More than 100 degrees Fahrenheit

If you observe the limit of more 100 degrees then it would slow down the working of bed bugs such as mating and drinking blood.

In this threshold you won’t be killing them directly though, it would kill them slowly hence it would be too time consuming threshold for you.

More than 113 degree Fahrenheit

more than 113 degree fahrenheit

Moving forward from 100 degree Fahrenheit comes the threshold of 113 degree Fahrenheit, in this threshold you will be attacking the infest of bed bugs more directly.

So as result it would speed up the process of their annihilation, it takes 90 minutes to kill them if you observe this threshold.

More than 118

This the most preferred threshold of the professional exterminator, moving forward from 113 degree Fahrenheit to 118 degree Fahrenheit makes it more easier for you to kill the bed bugs lot more quickly.

Since you are directly attacking the bed bugs in this threshold so it takes you only 20 to 30 minutes to kill not only the eggs of bed bugs but also the adult bed bugs themselves.


What temp kills bed bugs cold?

13 degrees Fahrenheit is the degree that kills the bed bugs cold.

How long does it take to kill bed bugs at 100 degree?

It takes more than 90 minutes to kill the bed bugs in 100 degree Fahrenheit.

What temperature kills bed bugs?


What Temp To Kill Bed Bugs. From this article you have learned that bed bugs can be killed in both extremes of temperature and also that they are more active in warm environment.

You have also learned the maximum threshold of cold temperature that kills the bed bugs which is -13 degree Fahrenheit, even one degree above this threshold is not going to reap the desired result.

In hot temperature you have learned three different thresholds that can cause the annihilation of the infestation of bed bugs and if they are not observed then you cannot get the desired result of their annihilation.

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