Why Do Deer Sleep In My Yard

Why Do Deer Sleep In My Yard. Deer do look very beautiful animals. You see them in forests and on the road they do look very good to you and everyone.

They are on roads for crossing one end of the forest to another end that is on other side of the road. But on road and in forests having them is good and safe but how about having them in your home’s yard?

From a good distance you will find them in your lawn very beautiful, but that’s your deception. The more you get closer to your lawns, to your plants the more it boils your blood because your plants in garden were eaten up by dear, therefore having them in your lawn is by no mean acceptable for you now.

You don’t want to even one deer in your garden but now the question is that why dears are not only romancing but also sleeping your yard?

In this article I will be discussing some of the reasons of deer sleeping in your yard and I will also be discussing some of its harm besides some suggestions to get rid of them from your yard.

Why Do Deer Sleep In My Yard

why do deer sleep in my yard

Harms Of Deer In Your Garden

Following two harms you can have if you see deer roaming in your yard.

Poor Looking Yard

If you have deer in your yard it means they are there to eat the plants that are in your yard. If they eat the plants then definitely your yard doesn’t give a good look to you.

Tick Carrier

Deer is carrier of tiny black bug called tick that often is carrier of a fatal disease called Lyme disease , in other words having deer in your home is not only harmful to your plants and looks of your yard but also harmful for your health even life.

Reasons Deer Sleeping In Your Yard

Following are the reasons are sufficient to make it clear that whether why deer roam and sleep in your yard.

  • Food


Like every species on earth including humans themselves deers are also attracted to food. You must be having fruits growing plants that are an incentive for the deers to make your yard their sleeping place.

There are chances that from the prism of deer your yard is favorable for them to stay. Don’t be surprised to see deer in your yard because your garden has some plants that are part of their diet.

  • Explosion In Population Of Humans

You read it right, over the year human population has increased significantly. This explosion in population all over the world has caused humans to get closer to the places where wild life inhabits like forests etc.

Deer lives in the forest, your home is close to their inhabitant so don’t be surprise to see the deer roaming in your home’s yard and sleeping there.

  • Protection


Deers have also their predators in forests, therefore in order to protect themselves from their protection and for proper sleep they with no danger of being attacked from their predators like wolves and cougars then deers find your yard as safe place for themselves.

  • Deforestation

With the increase in population of humans all over the world, there is lot of deforestation work going on in order to accommodate humans, which is reducing the areas of forest.

There is much possibility that today where your home is today exactly in the same location there used to be forest, therefore don’t be surprised to see deer in your home’s garden because humans have taken away much of their living space that could give them protection and food.

  • Improper Check On Wild Lives

Lets not forget that there has been improper check over some of the wild lives, such as wolves. Wolves are far too less today in the forests, they weren’t let to breed with good pace and as result today forest if full of deers because of low numbers of wolves in forest.

In other words, if there had been a good number of wolves then probably you wouldn’t have been seen deer sleeping in your yard today.

  • Rapid Growth Of Population Of Deer

There are huge number of deers as effect of less numbers of wolves, this unevenness in population in wild life is also one reason of a deer roam around your garden and also sleeping.

How to prevent deer from entering in garden?

Following suggestions might be useful in preventing deer to come in to your yard.

  • Control Population Of Humans

control population of humans

We humans have to take up the responsibility in controlling our population, its because of our high population we are getting nearer to inhabitants of wild life, if we control our population we may not see deer roaming around our yard.

  • Grow Unfriendly Plants

Deers come to your yard because they sense the presence of plants they like to eat, therefore next time if your home is near forest you better grow those plants that are not friendly for deer.

  • Breed More Wolves

Breed more and more wolves at a rapid pace so having their good numbers in the forest can keep the population of deers in proper check.

How I Got Rid of Deer in My Garden?


Why Do Deer Sleep In My Yard. In the article, you have learned why deer in your yard are harmful and what are the reasons for them to sleep in your garden and you have also been given some useful suggestions in getting preventing them to come into your yard.

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