Will 70 Alcohol Kill Bed Bugs

Will 70 Alcohol Kill Bed Bugs. Isopropyl is one of the paradigms of alcohol. It has also been come to know as 70 alcohol. It is a faded type meaning it doesn’t have any color. Just like pure water or vodka. It is a constituent of rubbing alcohol. It can also be located in the cleaners which we use in our daily life.

Even though it doesn’t have any color still the aroma it emits is really strong. It is used as a sanitizer and it also has a diverse role when it comes to pharmaceuticals.

It is a highly flammable substance. Still, isopropyl is not actually pure alcohol but when it comes to secondary alcohol isopropyl is an ideal example.

70 alcohol is considered to be better than 100. This is for the reason that 70 alcohol is slower in penetrating the cell wall than 100 alcohol. Thus it gets more time to eliminate the germs and gives a remarkable result.

This is when we dissolve the 70 alcohol in water and use it for the purpose of disinfectant. It has a high melting point as much as -89®C. You can also use the means of tap to dilute this alcohol with water but don’t go overboard or the alcohol will leave its ability. Let us get to our dominant topic which is:

Will 70 Alcohol Kill Bed Bugs

will 70 alcohol kill bed bugs

Yes, that is the answer to our question. 70 alcohol or isopropyl is very significant when it comes to killing bugs and even the bug away.

As I told you before that the aroma or fragrance of the alcohol known as isopropyl is very strong. As a matter of fact, it even has the ability to be used as a repellent.

Well not that it is not used before but I am just saying it as a piece of information. Who knows It might prove very useful to you.

Lie I mentioned it to you before. That 70 alcohol has a broad field of uses. The killing of bugs is one of them. 70 alcohol can be used in different methods to kill the bugs.

Let’s Have A Discussion About It Down Below

Having bed bugs in your house can be devastating experience it can cause you a lot of loss. The loss can be in form of money or time. But most importantly it can be in form your relief.

Having bed bugs can be a cause of stress. That stress can also lead to depression. So we should eradicate the bugs from the cause or more specifically from their roots. If you might be wondering what the bed bugs actually are.

They are actually tiny species of insects that take refuge in your household furniture like Chairs and more importantly your bed. That is how their name bed bugs care to be.

If you are wondering why take refuge in places like bed and sofas. That is because they are in search of carbon dioxide and most importantly blood.

And they consider humans as their own personal blood bag and even a tank of carbon dioxide. That I think is really absurd and I hope you agree with me and fight for your rights.

Spotting these tiny bugs is not an easy feat. Their size is really small so they are very hard to spot. Like I said before we can use alcohol in vast ways.

Direct Use

direct use

Directly applying the alcohol is one of the most effective and also easy method to get rid bed bugs. But there is the problem of the odor of alcohol which is not very easy to withstand and can make people vomit or puke.

So I don’t recommend it. But if we dilute the alcohol with water it can change the matter completely. We can then spray the alcohol and water solution with the help of sprayer.

This will be considerably helpful in annihilating the bed bugs including the eggs they have laid in your furniture. The smell at a level will be suppressed.

70 alcohol can kill bed bugs and their eggs but it’s not just limited to that. It doesn’t let other bugs out of its clutches either so sayonara to the bug problem.

How to Kill Bed Bugs using Alcohol?


Will 70 Alcohol Kill Bed Bugs. As much as the 70 alcohol kill bugs it has a lot of down sides as well as disadvantages. Use of 70 alcohol, again and again, can make the bugs resistant to them.

And as the alcohol should be applied directly it cannot reach all the cracks so it won’t be eliminating all of your problem.

And the odor exerted by the alcohol cannot be completely suppressed you won’t be able to evade puking. For all the above reasons I recommend using repellents instead of alcohol.

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