Will Mothballs Keep Rabbits Away

Will Mothballs Keep Rabbits Away. Rabbits are small mammals with fluffy, short tails, whiskers and long ears.

Rabbits has front legs small and back large and these sit on their large legs that are hidden. These have big ears. They are territorial animals and form complicated social structures.

They have unusual digestive system. These are playful and inquisitive and require the irritating action of the other rabbits and their environment.  Mostly their color is sandy and less reddish than brown hare.

Will Mothballs Keep Rabbits Away

will mothballs keep rabbits away

Species, age

Rabbits live in groups and these are the best-known species, they live in burrows or holes. Their group is called a warren.

They are the same as other domestic pets or animals. They have an average life span.

The wildlife rabbits have an average age of two to three years and domestic have average age between eight to twelve years.


They eat good quality hay and grass because their digestive system works properly good when they eat grass. Grass is always available and should constitute their majority diet.


The rabbits usually do not bite. But even they bite when you surprise or grab at them. If they bite you it does not mean that they hate, you. They accidently bite while tugging your pant leg.

Interesting Facts

There are some interesting facts about the rabbits are as follows:

  1. Sometimes these jumps around you and their heads and feet looks like they are dancing to express their happiness.
  2. Like deer, the female rabbit called “doe”, and male called “buck”.
  3. As they have big ears but these big ears are not for listening. Their amazing ears can also be rotated at the 270 degrees.



Mothballs don’t repel the rabbits; they are ineffective to leave them outside because mothballs are toxic too.

Mothballs are small tablets of camphor or naphthalene use to keep moths away from stored clothing. Their other name is camphor. The mothballs are toxic and very harmful to humans and pests.

These are very dangerous you don’t touch them with bare hands and use gloves. Ensure that when you touch them you should wash your hands because these are too dangerous for the health.

Do not put them in the free air. Place these balls to the air tight space such as garment bag or the well-sealed container.

Never place mothballs in an open closet or plastic bag. A key symptom is a jaundice which can progress to organ damage to health.

Mothballs are registered as pesticide and should be used according to pesticide label instructions.

Other natural ways to keep Rabbits away:

There are some ways that are used to keep the rabbits away from the kitchen or your home. The rabbits are a bite of small branches, especially during long periods of snow cover.

Rabbits are low risk pet when it comes to transmitting disease to people, rabbits are messy and destructive. Rabbits need socialization, injury prone, lives a long time.

The ways are as follows from these we get rid of the rabbits:

Try Vinegar


Fill the vinegar and the water in a bottle which is use for spray, shake it well as it mixes well.

And spray it thoroughly in the garden as you can. You can use it as you dip the cotton pieces in the vinegar and spread them thoroughly in the yard.

Let your dog out

If you have your own dog so it’s very easy to get rid of the rabbits. Any time when you are free keep your dog with you or keep it alone in the garden.

The dog preys on them, beat them and they run away from your garden. It is the cheapest way to keep the rabbits away from your yard and your plants are good as you want.

Use Red Pepper

use red pepper

The red pepper powder is the best thing that is already present in your home you have no need to buy it especially for this purpose.

Spread the red chilly or red pepper powder to the ground and especially on the plants which the rabbits eat.

Spread the Urine in the Garden

The dogs and the cats are the natural predators of the rabbits, the idea to spread the urine in the garden is the best idea you have if you have these predators in your home.

How to Repel Rabbits?


Will Mothballs Keep Rabbits Away. I hope that as I explained above you should come to know as you have enough information that why you cannot use the mothballs to keep away the rabbits from your home, greenery, and gardening area.

You can use some other ways to get rid from these rabbits which are not harmful for you and other livings in your homes and protect you both.

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