Window Air Conditioner Bug Screen

Window Air Conditioner Bug Screen. Air Conditioner is commonly known as AC. They are widely used all across the world. Even in the areas where the weather remains cool. AC is used.

Not the ones which give cool air but there are air conditioners which can give warm air instead of cool. Not just that splitter ACs are able to do both things. That’s their new function.

They are quite handy when it comes to controlling the temperature of the room or place as they have a function through which we can adjust the temperature to our liking. The cold can be turned into warm air and warm into cool.

Let’s talk about bugs now. There is a popular saying that goes “All bugs are insects but all insects are not bugs”. It is a true statement but we are not gonna discuss it.

So all bugs are insects This is because they also consist of three body parts and have other resemblances with the insects. most Bugs are known to annoy humans not just because of what they do but because of how they might appear.

Some bugs ate even cause of phobias. This is because they appear creepy and some people start to fear them and later develop into some kind of phobia. But that is not our topic is it? Let us get to our original topic and discuss it. Which is:

Window Air Conditioner Bug Screen
window air conditioner bug screen

What actually is a bug screen. Well, a bug screen is commonly referred to as a Window screen. A window screen or bug screen is used in front of your air conditioner.

As what it does is easy to identify by its name or the title. Just like its name, it is used to prevent from entering the places where it is placed. It is used in places where you have a bug problem.

It allows you to keep your air conditioner safe. Bugs often enter the air conditioners and get stuck in the air conditioner and cause a malfunction.

Damage can be to the fan or other parts as well. The damage sometimes can be so severe that you might have or need to get a new air conditioner.

Use Of Window Screen

use of window screen

The use of window screens has proven to play a significant role in our daily life. It is a useful tool to use when it comes to keeping the bugs away. Even if the bug screen seems to be bigger it will help you keep the bugs away.

The window screen is effective against the bugs that can fly not just that but it is also effective in the case of insects and other similar species like spiders.

The holes of the window bug screen are so small that it doesn’t let bugs pass through them at any cost. It can be used in your cars as well as your houses.

In cars, it will stop the mosquitos and other bugs from destroying your air conditioner or entering your car from such places. while in the house it can prevent mosquitos or other bugs from entering your room.

How To Install Window Or Bug Screen

how to install window or bug screen

Installing a window screen is not something o be scared of it is rather an easy job. All you need is the mindset and the tools you use in daily life. which are all available at your home.

These tools are simple and are quite handy. These tools include screwdrivers, hammers, and other tools.

  • The first step is to remove the window using a screwdriver or lever. It depends upon the type or model of your air conditioner. You need to prepare the new screen.
  • The second step is to build a new screen. It is easy to build a new screen. If you want to build a new one it’s your choice. but if you want to save time you can just go to a hardware store and buy a new one.
  • The third step is fi the screen on the frame so that it does not move and all sides are covered. Then use the screws to tighten it.
  • Fourth and the last step is to put the screened frame where you want to install it and just tighten the screws with help of a screwdriver.

How to build window screens?


Window Air Conditioner Bug Screen. We not dont need to worry about bugs in air conditioner. As now we know about the use of bug screens and we know how to install it on our own and save money.

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