Yellow Condensation Stains On Ceiling

Yellow Condensation Stains On Ceiling. Your guests come to your home to have dinner with you , while dining on the table your guests asks you “Hey look back at the ceiling, what’s that yellow stain is doing on it” and then you look back on the ceiling where your guest is pointing toward and you also see he was right.

For the first few moments you probably going to enter in state of shock that how could such thing happen to you would think how on earth this spot is on the ceiling?

Then you would look at your guest with embarrassment on your face because it will have a negative impression of yours on your guest.

You want to know the probable cause for the yellow stain on your ceiling that doesn’t look pleasing to everyone eye’s, therefore in this writeup, we are going to discuss a few of the probable causes that contribute to the yellow blemish on your walls and ceiling.

Yellow Condensation Stains On Ceiling

yellow condensation stains on ceiling

Why having yellow stains on ceiling is serious problem.

Looks Unpleasant

Innate desire is of humans is to see the cleanliness, if you see a stain on your home’s ceiling then it can ruin your mood.

Harmful For Health

At times this yellow stain not only could be unpleasing to your eyes but at the same time it can also be harmful for your health.

Embarrassment In Front Of Guests

If your guests look at the stain on your ceiling and then they ask you about it then you can feel little embarrass in front of them.

Above stated reasons makes it very much clear by now that yellow stain is truly is very big problem hence you’d like to know the probable causes of it.

Causes Of Yellow Stain

  • Leaking Roof

leaking roof

Of the most frequently heard causes of yellow stains on walls and ceiling is leaking of the roof.

In the areas where it rains more frequently and even in the cold weather lest you live in an area in which it snows a lot of dampness can drain down the roof which can cause the stain to surface on the walls and ceiling.

You can prevent this happening from by having slated roofs, so that whatever pours down the sky on it just goes down instead it stands still on the pool of the roof.

The moment you think that you have averted the leaking of water then take a sigh of relief since you are almost done with the problem. If the cause is a leaking roof then it is only unpleasing eyes though.

  • Room Heating Pipes

Many people in order to save some money on electricity bills don’t make the use of room heaters , in place of room heaters they make the usage of room heating pipes that work as alternative to give them a warm environment ,these pipes are just behind the room ceilings that sometimes do experience leakages that are in need of repairing.

To prevent this from happening just simply make use of electric heaters and if you still want heating pipes as alternative for warming then you have to be bear the expenses of professional in cases any leakage happens in the heating pipes because it best idea to have the services of expert who can employ his experience in fixing up the leakage.

  • Leaking In Toilet

leaking in toilet

Of the ceilings it’s the toilet ceilings that are more vulnerable to catch stains because of persistent existence of water.

Therefore it is of utmost importance for you to keep checking the plumbing of your toilet.

If the leakage is in your toilet then you have to seek the help of professional who can help you in fixing the plumbing that is behind the ceil.

  • Molding

There are more than one kind of mold with variety of colors and the yellow is one of them. In the sufficient existence of dampness they tend to grow on wood and paper stuff.

If you see mold on your ceiling then you must take the step to fix it up before they go more worse because this mold can not only be unpleasant to your eyes but they can also be harmful to your health.

  • Smoke


Often at time exposure of nicotine smoke to the ceiling would become a cause of stain on them.

Stains that surface as a result of nicotine smoke are normally unique from the stains that are the effect by water and mold and these stains will turn grey if they get exposed to the fire.

How to Fix Yellow Stains on Ceiling?


Yellow Condensation Stains On Ceiling. From the above discussion, it has become clear to our honorable readers that having stains is really a problem especially if it is due to mold, because stains as a result of mold are not only unpleasant for the eyes but also simultaneously harmful to the health, besides now our readers know some of the probable causes behind these stains.

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